Office of the President of the General Assembly

Office of the President of the General Assembly

Postby CCP » Thu Aug 09, 2018 6:31 am

Congratulations to General Assembly President Tambethra Dyshini of Vanakalam!

President Dyshini was elected with 15 votes (Barmenia, Beluzia, Cobura, Dankuk, Deltaria, Deltaria Nova, Dolgaria, Egelion, Hawu Mumenhes, Kalistan, Kalopia, Keymon, Likatonia, Malivia, Selucia). 7 votes were cast for Karolu Mori (Baltusia, Cildania, Dorvik, Hulstria and Gao-Soto, Indrala, Kazulia, Lourenne), 2 votes were cast for Brett Martin (Dundorf, Hutori), 2 votes were cast for Heijinoju Jeztrisrmko Megàmotojokai (Jelbania, Vanuku), 1 vote was cast for Marcus Tyberius IV (Mordusia), and there were 29 Abstentions. An additional vote for Brett Martin was proposed in Tukarali but rejected by the legislature.

This thread will now serve as President Dyshini's office for the duration of his Presidency. All questions and correspondence may be directed here. Sensitive correspondence may be forwarded to the President's private email.


Election for President of the General Assembly will begin on Saturday August 11, 48 hours from now. The GA President is the leader and Presiding Officer of the General Assembly and has the power to enforce rules in the GA including World Congress Resolutions and Game Rules. The President will also work closely with the World Congress Role Play Coordinator (WCRC) to come up with new Role Plays, reforms, and ideas for the World Congress as a whole.

All players are invited to stand for election. You must choose a name and nationality for your candidate. Your character may be from any country you choose. Please use this thread to announce your candidacy and your plans if elected.


Characters from any country may stand in the election. There are no age, professional, or educational restrictions.


No, you do not need to be currently active in your character's country to run him or her for election, and you do not need permission from that country's government.


Yes, characters from the Former Colonies may stand for election as GA President. However, Former Colonies may not cast votes during the election as Former Colonies are barred from voting within the World Congress.


No. Only one candidate per player is allowed.


Yes. However, GA President and SC President must be two different players. If you win both elections, the World Congress Role Play Coordinator will ask you to choose which position you prefer. The vacant position will go to the runner-up.


The GA President will serve until the end of the current World Congress Session. A new election will be held at the start of the September Session and every Session thereafter. There are no term limits for the office of GA President. If elected, you may run for re-election as often as you wish.


Yes. The President can be removed by a General Assembly Resolution or by the WCRC in consultation with Moderation.


The GA President's powers and responsibilities are to:

  • Preside over all General Assembly debates, maintaining order and decorum at all times in accordance with Game Rules.
  • Maintain a minimum of one General Assembly Resolution per week. Resolutions should generally be encouraged or solicited from Member Nation Delegations.
  • Write Resolutions as necessary to further your character's goals and meet the Minimum Resolution Requirement. The GA President has the exclusive right to place Resolutions on the game system immediately without first seeking Co-Sponsors. Format and length guidelines listed in the Game Rules must be strictly adhered to.
  • Process Resolutions in a timely manner. Resolutions should not remain in the Sponsorship or Vote stages an unreasonable length of time.
  • Edit Resolution proposals for format, length, and concision in coordination with the proposing Delegation and in accordance with Game Rules.
  • Inform Moderation when a Resolution has garnered enough Co-Sponsors and request that the Resolution be placed on the game system for voting.
  • Inform governments when a Resolution is at vote through Private Messages, and encourage them to vote.
  • Coordinate with the President of the Security Council to determine how passed Resolutions should be implemented and implement them timely.
  • Keep past Resolutions accessible and organized.
  • Oversee the General Assembly and World Congress Wiki pages and update them as necessary.
  • Keep governments informed of their rights as Member Nations and encourage them to take full advantage to advance their foreign policy goals.
  • Stay abreast of international issues debated in the General Assembly and Security Council.
  • Role Play the President character in accordance with the foreign policy goals of their country or their personal political goals. The President is not required to maintain political neutrality and is expected to use their office to advance the interests of their country.
  • Be an active Role Player. The GA and SC Presidents will be responsible for leading a major World Congress Role Play the details of which will be revealed if elected.
  • Remain in regular contact with and submit to oversight by the WCRC to coordinate World Congress matters. WCRC decisions are final. In case of a breakdown in communication, concerns should be reported to Moderation.
  • Propose changes to the World Congress Charter subject to WCRC and Moderation approval. If approved, the proposed changes should be put to vote in a General Assembly Resolution.
  • Stay active. If the President becomes inactive for 3 days without notice, a new election will be called.
  • Serve until September 1st. A new election will be called at that time.
Additional powers and responsibilities may be assigned in consultation with the WCRC.


Players may declare their candidacy in this thread during the next 48 hours. Voting will begin Saturday, August 11. A voting thread will be made available for Delegates to vote on behalf of their governments. Governments may also vote by passing a Bill with the preferred candidate's name written in the Bill description. Moderation will also be requested to create a new law listing all the candidates which governments will then vote on. If a Delegate's vote in the voting thread contradicts their government's voting Bill, the voting Bill will be take precedence.

The election will last for 3 days (72 hours).

This thread is for campaign-related posts ONLY. Any questions should be directed to the WCRC or the Moderation/GRC Queries Thread.
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Postby CCP » Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:25 am

Voting has now commenced for President of the World Congress General Assembly

Click here to learn how to cast your nation's vote.

Good luck to all the candidates!


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Postby QV73 » Thu Aug 09, 2018 1:59 pm

Candidacy Announcement: Vice-President Tambethra Dyshini of Vanakalam.


Background: 47-year-old Dyshini is the Vice-President of the Confederated League of Vascania and the Governor-General of Vanakalam. Dyshini entered the local spotlight first through an independent bid into the Vanakalamese parliament at the age of 21, which she won - afterwards presenting legislation aimed at modernising and opening up the eastern nation to the wider world. When civil war came to Vanakalam, Dyshini was at the forefront of the democratic side's diplomatic team. She persuaded commanders on both sides to use due process with captured enemy combatants and convinced the democratic victors to pardon all conscripts involved in the fight and eschew the death penalty for other POWs. Dyshini was at the head of the team which ultimately delivered the peace deal, which has given a new lease on life for a country previously under constant strain and stress with its internal divisions.

In Office: After the war, Dyshini served as the Minister for Ecology & Agriculture in the administration of her brother, President Tambethra Kumar. After Kumar was assassinated, and Vice-President Sagana was selected as the new President, Dyshini was chosen as the new Vice-President by popular vote. Dyshini was twice re-elected as Vice-President and was recently elected concurrently as both VP and Governor-General of Vanakalam. In power, Dyshini has been effective in convincing the diverse legislature of the newly-proclaimed country to use the increased tax revenue of the growing economy and peaceful society to start a national health service and free education up until the age of 18. Literacy rates and life expectancy have both increased by up to 10% since before the war to the present day, representing a massive success in Dyshini's governing. Dyshini continues to peruse a diplomatic solution to the situation in Kalkalistan.

Platform for election: Dyshini is standing on a platform of bettering relations between the west and the east, bringing about peace in Dovani like she did in Vanakalam. Part of this, Dyshini believes, is giving full voting rights to eastern nations in Dovani and Vascania so that the whole world can stand on an equal platform. Working towards world peace is Dyshini's ultimate goal, and with her experience in diplomacy between warring parties it makes her a great candidate for moving forward to a Terra without war. Other issues important to Dyshini are ending legal and illegal slavery once and for all and having equal rights for women in all countries. Furthermore, the assurance of high-quality healthcare and education are important to Dyshini, which is why she worked so hard to make it a reality in Vanakalam. Dyshini wants to use an equal platform of all nations to foster co-operation which will lead to a brighter future for Terra. With your support, that can be made a reality.
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Postby Yolo04 » Thu Aug 09, 2018 4:04 pm

Candidacy Announced: General Marcus Tiberius the IV of Keymon

Background:37 year old Tiberius is the Supreme General of the Keymon Armed Forces. Tiberius has served for 15 years in the Keymon Armed Forces as both a infantry soldier and a General for the army. He has served in 3 theaters as both a soldier and a General, most notably in the Dovani War alongside the Lourennais and Hutorian Armies. He is also a primary advisor to the President of Keymon concerning military and domestic affairs.

Platform for election: Tiberius is running off the platform of expanding relations between the great powers and the smaller powers of Terra, bringing peace to Dovani, expanding democratic systems, and the expansion of market economics to better the lives of all people. Other issues that are on his list to fix are to end all slavery, expanding equal rights for all individuals including LGBT individuals and women, and the continued peace between the nations of Terra.
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Postby Doc » Fri Aug 10, 2018 12:47 am


It's been a HAAAAAARD 37 Years, there General...

IC: Ambassador David Henry Lee from Kalistan

We will reserve our endorsement: In the event that a candidate from a member state of the Non-Aligned Movement runs, we will support them. Otherwise, we may end up supporting the Keymon General, due to his nation's association with us in ODEN. This is all.
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Postby Yolo04 » Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:06 am

Doc wrote:OOC:

It's been a HAAAAAARD 37 Years, there General...

IC: Ambassador David Henry Lee from Kalistan

We will reserve our endorsement: In the event that a candidate from a member state of the Non-Aligned Movement runs, we will support them. Otherwise, we may end up supporting the Keymon General, due to his nation's association with us in ODEN. This is all.

OOC:It’s been really hard

Dude gets mistaken for a 70 year old a lot

But seriously I picked the dumbest looking picture off Wikipedia. Turns out, this guy is a Russian General.

IC: Thank you Mr. Lee. I am glad Keymonite allies realize the importance of having Mr. Tiberius the IV as President of the General Assmbly
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Postby Martinulus » Fri Aug 10, 2018 10:34 am

Candidacy announced: Karolu Mori, former Governor-General of Hulstria and Gao-Soto


Background: A life-long Septembrist and activist for the rights of minorities both in Hulstria and Gao-Soto and internationally, 65-year old Karolu Mori is a two-time former Governor-General of Hulstria and Gao-Soto, who also served as Vize-Staatsminister and Minister of Internal Affairs in the Heumayr Ministry. Despite never holding the Foreign Affairs portfolio, he was nevertheless a prominent presence on the international stage during this time, advocating for better relations in Dovani and for securing the rights of minorities, particularly of the Kunihito in Ostland. Mori is an outspoken advocate of human rights and democracy, whose record of action in these areas will surely make him a potent voice for the pursuit of peace, human rights and democracy at the international level.

In Office: As Minister of Internal Affairs and the ranking Kunihito minister in the Crownlander Government, Herr Mori emerged onto the international stage leading various diplomatic missions of the re-established United Imperial Crownlands to important nations in Dovani such as Indrala, brokering new relationships. As Vize-Staatsminister and later Governor-General, he is particularly noted for his outspoken and reasonably successful bid for a West Dovani-wide boycott of Ostland in response to what was then perceived as a continuation of that nation's history of trampling on the human rights of Kunihito. The sanctions have since been suspended after Ostland's government implemented greater rights for the Kunihito - opinion is divided on whether the sanctions started by Mori play a role there. In general, Mori played a vital role in the Crownlands' adoption of a more assertive foreign policy favouring the promotion of democracy and human rights.

Platform: As a native of Dovani, Mori is particularly concerned about developments on that continent, especially in East Dovani where instability has sharply risen in the past decades. He is a strong believer in the democratic peace theory that stable democracies are a requisite for peace, and after the end of the Dovani War he will seek to devote the full resources at the World Congress's disposal to assisting the development of stable democratic and multi-ethnic institutions in East Dovani and Vascania. Having observed from a distance the chaos caused by the rival great powers in the Jelbanian Civil War, which was fought at the Security Council table itself, Mori will seek to amend the charter to force those nations party to a conflict or situation to abstain from voting on the Security Council. Overall, his priority will be the advancement of democracy and human rights around the world, with measures such as a Terran Charter of Human Rights and possible new World Congress Offices for Human Rights and Peace-Building to assist nations, particularly in the developing world, with building stable institutions that foster respect for human rights.
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Postby Kubrick » Fri Aug 10, 2018 10:29 pm

BLOG: HEIJ 4 PRESIDENT - big announcement !!!! :D :D

Hello everyones, it is me writings again to you on my blogspost ! Today is big days for me! Me will run for President of General Assembly of WORLD CONGRESS !!

Me knows this bring much new readers so lets me introduce me to you, gentle reader !!

Me be Heijinoju Jeztrisrmko Megàmotojokai !! I am SUCCESSFUL businessmans from Jelbania . Me friends call me Heij ! I am male heir of famous HEIJINOJU GRZKAISRMKO MEGÀMOTOJOKAI !! He founder of Jelbék Bank of the World and VERY successful businessman who did premium business a lot! Greatgreatgreatgreatfather Heij made much moneys, made Family Megàmotjokai successfuls!

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Me also CEO, chairman and PRESIDENT of Jelbék Bank of the World the bestest bank in world ! Please deposit your moneys at our bank :D

Why be me good candidate for PRESIDENT OF GENERAL ASSEMBLY? Me line out in points belows for you gentle reader!

1. Heij is premium man, premium character: honest, strong, rich, not afraid of Yeudis
2. Heij knows how to lead: big experience with Jelbék Bank of the World and my footballs clubs and many store
3. Heij is GREAT with people: I help old lady cross street and give money to poor !!
4. Heij is NOT corrupt: all these BIG politicianmen and politicianwomen are CORRUPT!! They just want POWER! Heij here to help, not to scam you like Yeudi!
5. Heij is principled premium man, good Hosian, good!!
6. Heij is great debateman!!
7. Heij is nice guy please votes!!

Me want endorsements, you want to endorse?? Leave comment under blogspost or calls me and me will make you great offer if you like moneys!! ;) ;) ;)

That all for this weeks blogspost gentle readers me say bye bye and vote for Heij!!!! Heij4president

:D HEIJ126 :D
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Postby RileyHP » Sat Aug 11, 2018 12:52 am



Pre-Politics: Martin was born in Wrightstown, Kenai in 4368. His parents were poor, and worked multiple jobs to provide for him. Martin knew at a young age he wanted to enter politics and help others who struggled like his parents. Martin was always a top student in his class, and graduated from High School a year early in 4385. He would then go to the University of Bekenial's Leah Ross School of Political Science, where he would earn a Political Science Degree specializing in foreign relations.

Political Career: At 69 years old, Brett Martin has done it all in politics. He was first elected to the Hutorian House of Parliament in 4389 at the age of just 21. Within 2 years, he would be named Chairman of the Royalist Party's Conservative Caucus. In 4392, Martin would earn his first Cabinet appointment being named Minister of Finance, a position he woild hold for 9 years. In 4401, after the retirement of Chancellor Pascale Rousseau, Martin would be elected Leader of the Royalist Party, and 9 years later, he would become Chancellor of Hutori at just 42 years old, making him one of the youngest elected Chancellors in the nation's history. Martin would go on to serve as Chancellor for 8 years before retiring.

Post-Politics: After retiring from politics at the age of 50, Martin would go on to become Chief Financial Officer of Gold Lion Capital, Hutori's largest private equity firm. He would also be appointed as Chairman of the Royalist Party in 4425.

Platform: If elected, Martin seeks to finalize peace agreements in the Dovani war, and build strong, stable democracies which will create lasting peace in the region. He also plans to work with Terra's strongest powers to increase aid to Terra's poorest nations. Martin also wants to put an end to all forms of slavery across Terra, and ensure LGBTQ rights across the globe. Another key issue for Martin is the implementation of more green intiatives across Terra to protect our world from the effects of climate change.

Finally, a message directly from Chancellor Martin:

"In my years of public service, and private sector work, I have always strived to create better relations between my home nation of Hutori, and nations across Terra. I now put my name forward as a candidate for President of the General Assembly. Together, we can create a peaceful world, one where the strongest nations look after the poorest, one where we take care of our planet and fight the effects of climate change, one where nobody is discriminated against because of the colour of their skin, the religion they practice, or their sexual orientation, one where nobody is ever forced into slavery. We can build that world, but only if we all come together under the right leader. I believe I am that leader. I hope you will vote for me, and come along on my mission."
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Postby Aquinas » Sat Aug 11, 2018 9:13 pm
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