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El Salefi responds to the allegations made by Mr Buchheim

Finally it came a reaction from Ibrahim El Salefi to respond to the allegations made by Mr Buccheim who, like El Salefi, is running for the WCGA's Presidency.

First of all I would like to respond about something that it's really a ridiculous point: the fact that I replaced Mr Yassen in his campaign. The organization of the elections for the WCGA's Presidency has been really strange for this term and with Yassen passed away few time before the elections, there was no time to organize a new campaign. However, I didn't really need to prepare a totally new one campaign, because, and now I'm coming to respond to the rest of the allegations, my campaign support exactly the same points and positions expressed by Mr Yassen.

I'm not running to establish an Istalian "protectorate" on the World Congress and to take the World Congress and bend it to the interest of Istalia, well... at least not of only Istalia. It is undeniable that Istalia has all the interest to propose and support me, but not for exclusively Istalian Interests, but for the Interest of something that Istalia always promoted and tried to protect: Democracy and Human Rights.
If we want to say that Istalia has the interest to see Democracy and Human Rights adeguately protected and enhanced all over the world, ok, in this case we can say that I'm persuing the interest of Istalia.
But, what is sure it's that I will not be the President of General Assembly of the World Congress and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Istalia. In Istalia, in fact, there were recently general elections and I'm the outgoing Minister of Foreign Affairs currently: it is not my intention to cover institutional role in Istalia during my tenure as President of the WCGA if I will be elected.

About the allegations on the counterterrorism and counterintelligence activity of Istalia, well... what to say? As already explained, Istalia has nothing to do about all what was said. As already I explained, I think that all this it's a way of a criminal to drop any charge from him who clearly chosen Istalia for its committment against many terrorist groups just like the Action Canrillaise International. And Mr Buchheim should also explain to us why a sovereign nation has not the right to adopt a resolution like this: ... lid=583690 with which we criminalized an organization which we recognized as a terroristic organization (OOC: I would like underline that, as explained into the bill itslef, all the last provisions are supposed to be known only by Istalians' highest officials and parlamentarians member of the COPACISN ( ... c#COPACISN).
But why not could it be that all these allegations are something prepared to be released just during this campaign to undermain my run to the WCGA's Presidency? Why not to consider such possibility? Let's look to what is happening just now around the world: we are witnessing to several fake news campaigns that are interesting several nations of the world (viewtopic.php?f=17&t=6768&p=141860#p141860, viewtopic.php?f=17&t=6768&p=141860#p141860, viewtopic.php?f=17&t=243&p=141855#p141806, viewtopic.php?f=17&t=7351&start=840#p141837, viewtopic.php?f=17&t=4275&p=141839#p141776) and we are also aware of the fact, and you too should be aware of this, that there are many nations and international organizations that are ready to do anything to discredit and to hit Istalia.
And why not: also Mr Buchheim could be involved in the spreading of fake news! It seems he totally support all the allegations and already condemned Istalia and, furthermore, he was the one who said that the Narikatonish and Dundorfian candidates (viewtopic.php?f=26&t=8144&start=30#p141711) to this position were death. So, who is spreading news that have really few basis if not are totally invented? Who is focusing his now own campaign just on attacking and on denigrading the opponents?

Finally, I would like close this response just talking about "interests" boasted during this campaign, your campaign. If now me too I can say something about you and your proposals for your candidature, let see some of your proposals (viewtopic.php?f=26&t=8144&start=10#p141098) Mr Buchheim:

"replace the General Assembly and the Security Council with a 1000-member International Council of Workers Representatives, hold workshops on Metzism at the World Congress on a rolling 24/7 basis, so that all delegates and visitors can learn the truth about socialism, require all delegates in the General Assembly to address each other as "comrade", forbid the use of monarchical and aristocratic titles within the chamber of the General Assembly, use the World Congress budget to fund a fleet of 20 Communist Hot Air Balloons, to take Metzist philosophy to the furthest reaches of the globe, establish International Karlstein Metz Day as an official World Congress sponsored international holiday, and to fund celebrations and educational projects to run alongside it, turn the Whale Island into a socialist commune, and in particular, to evict all right-wing and pro-business lobbyists and hand over their office space to workers representatives, replace the World Congress's current flag design with the hammer and sickle, close down all prayer rooms and other faith-related functions within the precincts of the World Congress, appoint the Metzist-inspired, Dorvish-based People's Orchestra the official orchestra of the World Congress, require every government in Terra to appoint a Minister for the Development of Socialism, construct an International Museum of Capitalism on the Whale Island, to educate visitors about how and why capitalism is collapsing. Also to fund subsidiary Museums of Capitalism in every nation in Terra, thoroughly review all World Congress practices, processes and documentation in order to identify and eliminate pro-capitalist bias and indoctrination, change the World Congress's official language from Luthorian to Dundorfian and generally promote the learning of the Dundorfian language, so citizens across Terra can better appreciate and understand the works of Karlstein Metz, nationalise Terra's 200 largest companies and have them merged into an International Workers Collective, require Security Council nations to be represented at the Security Council by their leading trade union umbrella group instead of by their government".

What is it this?
And Mr Buchheim DARE to say to me that I'm a biased candidate that is trying to persue a specific agenda! Look at that! The World Congress is not at all a Government of Terra and the General Assembly is not a Parliament.
This is a diplomatic forum for nations, all the nations of Terra and it shall not become a Communist Organization. Mr Buchheim is the first that wants to bend this organization to the interest of an specific ideology that more and more time showed to turn often to a totalitarian ideology which established during the history some of the worste dictature we have ever seen.
The world Congress should deal with issues even more important than this or that political ideology, the world congress shall intereven in case of issue between two or more nations and shall also persue objective even more universal, like world peace, human rights respect, world development and so on, and to persue all this in each nation of Terra, democracy proved many time to be a adeguate compromise among an ocean of system of government which proved to be against any basic human rights and logic.
Because if an objective should be persued, it's the wellbeing of most of human beings in this world and this I'm convinced pass through healty democratic society and Rule of Law, because no other unilaterally imposed ideology can assure the same degree of human liberties and possibility to fully expression of each human beings.

And, to the rest of the world, to conclude, I can only say that my objective will be to support democracy and human rights respect among the world, but to do so, I have to become also the voice of those that cannot make heard their voices, because persecuted or discriminated. Also of those "terrible bourgeois" to whom Mr Buchheim want to eradicate any possibility of expression bacause already condemned by the communism ideology.
If there are people that shall be condemned, well... they should be condemned not because this or that ideology said that, but because they perpetruated violence and persecution and oppression against other human beings, veritable violence, not "unproved thiefs and exploitations" called in this way just by this or that ideology.

Thank you
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Buchheim concedes to El Salefi

With the close of voting only hours away, and Ibrahim El Salefi appearing to be in a commanding lead, Christoph Buchheim has conceded defeat to his Istalian opponent. Buchheim thanked "Comrade Ibrahimi" (as he called him) for "putting up a vigorous campaign, in which a lot of the important issues facing Terra today were brought up and debated", offered his "congratulations" and promised to "support the new General Assembly President in all of the many areas where we share the same values and outlook".

Buchheim also thanked his supporters, who he pointed out "hail from all over the world", and claimed "the fact our campaign has received as much support as it has just goes to show that communism is a real political force in Terra". He added that "our campaign has been a people's movement; we have been reaching out not just to the powerful Heads of Government and national parliaments who get to vote in this election, but to the ordinary people of Terra", claiming "if this had been a democratic election, with ordinary people able to take part, I believe we would have had a much greater chance of winning".
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