GA Resolution #3; Condemnation of Deltaria and Zardugal

GA Resolution #3; Condemnation of Deltaria and Zardugal

Postby IsleofSalkuo » Tue Sep 11, 2018 6:43 am

A resolution proposed by the President of the General Assembly, Kyle Mizzi
If this resolution passes, the General Assembly of the World Congress shall therefore condemn the individual nations of Deltaria and Zardugal. The reasons are listed below;
-Violating Human Rights via killing democracy and replacing it with a dictatorship
-Imperialism in Jelbania especially in the South
-Destabilization of the Region
-Violating Human Rights via killing democracy and replacing it with an absolute monarchy
-Declaring war on Cobura
-Genocide of minorities in Zardugal
-Imperialistic tendencies
-Destabilization of the Region

Shall this resolution pass, if Deltaria and Zardugal do not take action to make peace with the international community, Kyle Mizzi shall be proposing another resolution to kick them out of the General Assembly.

Voting Variables
-Aye to both
-Aye to Zardugal, Nay to Deltaria
-Aye to Deltaria, Nay to Zardugal
-Nay to both

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Re: GA Resolution #3; Condemnation of Deltaria and Zardugal

Postby Mr.God » Tue Sep 11, 2018 7:32 am

Miroslav Valék, President of Deltaria

Members of the Assembly and dear Mr. President, i would like to know where the world and you are getting your information from? How is Deltaria being imperialist? How is Deltaria killing democracy while we have one of the most free societies in majatra?

Me and my representative have said it time and time again just take a look at our constitution and laws. Our women have rights that equall those of men, our families get government subsidies to be able to pay for their food, our people can say what they want when they want to. And there have been no arrests of our dissidents except for former government officials.
We also still have what you would call "democracy". Our republics in our federation can self govern on most subjects and even have local elections. We as a people however have chosen a strong federal leader to represent those republics and i see nothing wrong with that.

Concerning Jelbania it seems that the international community and yourself have been misinformed on this as well. A Jelbanian dissident declared the PDRJ himself. The only thing Deltaria did was recognize a nation declared by jelbanian citizens. When Vanuku and Istalia demanded us to force the PDRJ government into having elections we simply told them that we cannot force a sovereign government to hold elections if it is against their will.

And that is the main problem we have here mr president. Deltaria is being portrayed as this horrible country without any freedom while in fact we have come further in ensuring freedom then most fully democratic nation. Deltaria is being portrayed as this imperialist warmongering nation while in fact we refuse to force our will upon another government while vanuku and istalia are constantly doing so.

I would offer everyone in this assembly a copy of our constitution and laws and judge for themselves. Condemning Deltaria goes against your own agenda of freedom.

Thank you.
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Re: GA Resolution #3; Condemnation of Deltaria and Zardugal

Postby Axxell » Tue Sep 11, 2018 9:55 am

Aldo Marino, Istalian Ambassador to the General Assembly of the World Congress

Mr President and delegations from all over the world,
Istalia fully support this Resolution presented by His Excellence the President of the GA and so votes AYE TO BOTH. And now, instead than speak to the Deltarian Representatives, I will speak to all the other delegates of the General Assembly, exhorting them to analyse very well the situation about Deltaria.

We can debate whatever you want about how many people in Deltaria suffered form of political discrimination or persecution (and I can confirm to you that, at least in Istalia, came hundreds if not thousands of people as political refugees from Deltaria), we can desbate whatever you want about if or not the previous Government officials made something wrong, a part to be the previous ousted leadership, we can debate whatever you want about the condition of life of the people in Deltaria, and so on... but... I think there is no space of debate about what is a democracy.

A one-party state can be considered a democracy? For the socialist/communist ideology of course, it is the "socialist democracy", but... only the name "socialist democracy" could make understand us how this conception is biased. Why the people should not be able to organize themself in other organizations or parties and they have to act only within the framework of the Socialism? How established that the Socialism is a so right ideology that all the other political thoughts should be banned, abolished and persecuted?
Into a Democracy, everybody shall be able to express freely their ideals, even the most extremist ideals shall have the right to express their positions without fear of retailation. This is one of the most foundamental principles that shall be exist into a political regime if we want call this regime a "Democracy". It is not Istalia that invented the concept of democracy, we have more than 4 thousands years of evolution of the political thoughts that determined what is a democracy.
The action of the World Congress and of its Security Council, all the numberous resolutions enacted and so on... are and have been based on this clear concept of "Democracy", a concept graved in the stone of the hystory!
And any other nation or international organization that call themself a "Democracy" and engage themself in the protection and spread of the Democracy among the world but then are ready to intervene in support of a one-party state like Deltaria, well... they are simply a mass of hypocrites and their organization are build on lies and hypocrisy.
We are just talking about nations like Kazulia and Lourenne, two democratic regime, relevant members of the Northern Council, an organization that often show itself to be the "white knight of the democracy", the "world gendarmerie", and so on... how many beautiful words... Do we really want have a self proclaimed "world gendarmery" ready to fight alongside a one-party dictature? The next? We will see the NC fight alongside a Fascist Regime? Alongside an Absolute Monarchy? How the NC determines its allies? Convenience? Ok, they could also have all the right to do so, but... such an organization could be consider as a valuable "international gendarmerie"? And I call in this way the NC because I cannot anymore count at the date how many of military intervention this organization persued without any sort of international official mandate.
Very sad also to constate that another nation with a long lasting democratic tradition, Selucia, expressed recognition for Deltaria one-party regime! And we thanks, at least, the opposition in Selucia which, unlike in Deltaria, has still the right to express any kind of criticism or opposition to the Government, a right and a freedom that nobody has in Deltaria.
And in southern Jelbania? We want really believe in the story of the jelbanian rebels? I would like see what could happen if no Deltarian forces where in the south of Jelbania! Deltarian forces aid the "local rebels", their puppets, to built fences alongside the borders of the new socialist state, Deltarian forces are ready to fight to maintain their control on this territory! Deltaria is, once again, menacing the unity of Jelbania. Someone other in Jelbania was consulted about this initiative? The Confederation of Jelbania was consulted or heard? Deltaria clearly gave its support to a bounch of rebels, if we want believe to the history of the local indipendent uprising, undermining the sovereignty of the Jelbanian Confederation and, I think, also infringing the Agreements established after the Deltarian-Vanukean war.

For all this reason Deltaria shall be condemned by this organization. About Zardugal, well... at least on this point I think there is full agreements by part of the most part of the nations.

Thank you
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Re: GA Resolution #3; Condemnation of Deltaria and Zardugal

Postby Aquinas » Tue Sep 11, 2018 4:19 pm

Tombovelo Tsitohery, Prime Minister of Noumonde:

Fellow delegates,

My government commends Istalia's actions in decisively and rightfully moving to condemn the atrocities and international law violations being committed in separate cases by Deltaria and Zardugal.

Would it be possible for the World Congress to organise relief efforts in order to assist the suffering of those who are being persecuted and in some cases forced to flee from the lands of their birth?
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Re: GA Resolution #3; Condemnation of Deltaria and Zardugal

Postby Sisyphus » Tue Sep 11, 2018 4:49 pm

Baron Rnúf Herlkasrmko Ashur, Vanukean Ambassador to the World Congress:

Prime Minister Tsitohery,

In relation to the Zardic situation, Vanuku has set up camps for the many Mallan refugees who have fled persecution and headed north into our country. Not only are we looking to integrate as many of these refugees as possible into our society but have guaranteed provisions to help them return to Zardugal, if they so wish, when the current regime has been defeated.

In terms of Deltaria, this is more tricky. The Deltarians forces fenced off the Southern Khanate prior to taking control of that province and establishing its own regime there. Therefore, very few people were able to flee north before disaster struck. We are, however, working with the Jelbek government to ensure those who were able to escape prior to the iron fencing descending on Jelbania have been given succour.

We would be happy to integrate these efforts into any future World Congress missions if this resolution passes

On the resolution we vote AYE to both
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Re: GA Resolution #3; Condemnation of Deltaria and Zardugal

Postby Polites » Tue Sep 11, 2018 8:37 pm

Naenia Concordia, Selucian Ambassador to the World Congress:

Selucia cannot endorse this resolution and in fact we condemn the moral equivocation between the genocidal Augustine regime and the actions of the independent government of Deltaria. Zardugal has committed grievous atrocities against innocent civilians and has invaded a sovereign nation with clear expansionist goals. Deltaria, on the other hand, bears no guilt other than establishing its own political and social system, as is its sovereign right. Whether that system should be considered "democratic" under the narrow liberal parliamentary understanding of the term or not is irrelevant. The World Congress is not the ruling body of liberal democracy and parliamentarianism, it is an international organization dedicated to fostering cooperation and peace among the peoples of the world.

The government of Vanuku claimed recently that this is not a battle between capitalism and socialism. That may be, but Istalia certainly does not see matters this way, as Ambassador Marino recently pointed out. It is clear that Istalia's attitude and aggressive actions towards Deltaria are motivated not by a concern about international norms, but solely by the fact that the Deltarian government does not conform to the narrow Istalian understanding of democracy. But that is not the job of the World Congress to decide, it is solely up to the Deltarian People, who I am sure would much rather prefer universal access to healthcare, schools, electricity, gender equality, or roads, all of these ignored achievements of the new Deltarian regime, to having multi-party elections under a formal democratic system that otherwise ignores or even actively exacerbates private oppression. And as a Republican, an ideology shared by my government, I understand that private inequality is political inequality. Deltaria may now be under one-party dictatorship, but not long ago Deltaria was under the dictatorship of many petty tyrants, in the form of aristocrats, comprador capitalists, and foreign institutions. Just because the old Grand Republic had elections and parties does not mean that it was not ruled by a narrow tyrannical cabal dominating Deltaria through obscure working groups, committees, and various networks. But this does not meant that the Grand Republic ought to have been the subject of international sanctions, nor is the new Deltarian regime deserving of such when all it does is take defensive measures to guarantee it does not once again fall prey to the parasitic classes.

Needless to say, Selucia will gladly endorse any resolution condemning the Zardic regime and seeking to bring its expansionist and genocidal policies to an end, and we are willing to grant such a resolution teeth through the Security Council. But we cannot endorse a resolution that places the Zardic regime on equal moral ground as the government of Deltaria and we will do our best to defend the sovereign right of the Deltarian People to defend its hard-earned liberties.
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Re: GA Resolution #3; Condemnation of Deltaria and Zardugal

Postby darkGreenParty » Wed Sep 12, 2018 12:36 am

The Foreign Ministry of the República Democrática of Tukarali wants to inform this Assembly that our congress is already discussing the merits of condemn Deltaria and Zardugal. Our party position is, until to this moment, of strongly condemning the communist dictatorship (a redundancy) of Deltaria - and the so-called "Augustine" government of Zardugal - a good name as Augustine can't be dirtied by association with this kind of government!

Augustine Castelo Figueiredo
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tukarali
-Francisco Salazar de Oliveira Garcia, Chairman of the Dark Green Party of Tukarali
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Re: GA Resolution #3; Condemnation of Deltaria and Zardugal

Postby diepotato » Wed Sep 12, 2018 10:23 am

Lech Szafrański, Valruzian Delegate to the General Assembly:
The World Congress has always been about protecting human rights around the world. While we can, as it seems, unanimously agree on the subject of Zardic madness, it is saddening that the crimes of the Deltarian regime are not as clear to everyone. We should be decisively opposed to any attempts of building a totalitarian dictatorship - be it socialist, theocratic or any other kind. Well-being of millions of people is at stake - perhaps it depends on our actions if they will suffer or not.

Valruzia votes AYE to both.
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Re: GA Resolution #3; Condemnation of Deltaria and Zardugal

Postby darkGreenParty » Thu Sep 13, 2018 4:20 pm

The Tukarase National Assembly (Assembleia Nacional) voted to don't condemn both nations. So, respecting the will of Tukarase people, represented by the Assembleia Nacional, our vote is Nay to both.

Augustine Castelo Figueiredo
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tukarali
-Francisco Salazar de Oliveira Garcia, Chairman of the Dark Green Party of Tukarali
Dark Green Party (Tukarali)
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Re: GA Resolution #3; Condemnation of Deltaria and Zardugal

Postby colonelvesica » Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:59 pm

James Wilson
Hutorian Ambassador to the World Congress

The Commonwealth of Hutori is still debating the condemnation of Deltaria but we unilaterally and without hesitation vote AYE for the Condemnation of the Augustine Empire of Zardugal.
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