General Assembly Session XXIV (4463-4478)

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Postby Aquinas » Sun Oct 14, 2018 12:15 am

Fortland applies for World Congress membership


Fellow nations of the world,

Behold, our beautiful country, the Republic of Fortland, the most democratic, diverse and culturally enriched land in the whole of Terra. We are so delighted to be joining Terra's family of nations, and we have so much to offer to the world, with all of our energy and passion, and our experience and wisdom.

Please kindly admit our nation to the World Congress, although do please be understanding with regards to the membership fee, since we are not yet in the top flight of wealthy nations. Our funds are limited right now, especially as we are in the middle of urgent restoration work to try to make sure our platform structure does not become unstable or collapse.

We also seek full diplomatic recognition from and diplomatic relations with the other major powers in Terra. Some foreign aid would be most welcome as well, so we can develop our economy and improve the living standards of our citizens.


Republic of Fortland
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Re: General Assembly

Postby maxirx » Thu Oct 25, 2018 5:39 am

Pál Zsófia Berta, Minister of Foreign Affairs, New Endralon / Kizenia / Kuzaki

Hon. Ambassadors of Terra,

As members of this congress, my country want to discuss two issues in which the international community has not yet manifested openly.

The first of these is the situation in Kafuristan. The civil war in which the government has a critical role, is wreaking havoc on the lives of people. Of this war, thousands of deaths have resulted in these 3 years of heavy fighting.. The revolutionary government has severely repressed political opponents. Citizens who opposed the measures of the new revolutionary government.

The second issue is the situation of Solentia. The Government of that country, where not only the death penalty is appllied to "any citizen who cooperates with the world congress". Also, they have thousands of people in tribunals or sentenced to death. They has built wall along borders with military security to neutralize immigrants. In fact, the gobernment is segregating foreigners and ethnic minorities. In another item of their nefarious legislation, they have legalized a strict banking secrecy and became the largest tax haven in the world. This promotes evasion, financing of international terrorism and money laundering. Finally, the government passed a law on human rights that not apply, it is simply an empty law.

We request the immediate presence of the ambassador of Kafuristan to explain the events of his country. We believe that Solentia's ambassador will not appear in this congress, so we urge to the fellow countries and the security council to take urgent measures against Solentia.

Let us send a clear message to the nations that shed the blood of their own citizens and take firm steps in this way.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Aquinas » Tue Oct 30, 2018 2:27 am

Masoandro Androkae, Prime Minister of Noumonde:

Fellow delegates,

I wish to draw the World Congress's attention to Temania's irresponsible and unannounced major military drill exercise along their border with our country.

As a fellow member of the World Congress, Temania should be committed to peace with its neighbours, and should not be engaging in such deliberately aggressive and provocative behaviour. We call on Temania's representatives to come to this chamber and explain what the purpose of this exercise was.


I need hardly point out that the independent territory occupied by the World Congress, the Whale Island, is a close neighbour of both Temania and Noumonde, and is perilously close to where this military exercise took place. This makes Temania's behaviour even more of an affront to the authority and the dignity of the World Congress, and even raises the question of whether the World Congress itself could be Temania's next target. After all, if it was Noumonde today, why not the Whale Island tomorrow?

I therefore propose that at the earliest possible opportunity, the more responsible major powers of the World Congress should send armed reinforcements to our region, in order to deter Temania from making furthers attempts to threaten its neighbours.
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Mr.God » Tue Oct 30, 2018 9:33 am

Alexander Timori, Temanian representative to the World Congress

Dear members of the WC, it is to my suprise that the prime minister of Noumonde calls our actions "agressive"
Since when is it illegal to hold military exercises in our own sovereign territory? Our benevolent Emperor Baldassare has no ill intentions and simply ordered a exercise to be held on Temanian soil.

Why would Noumonde slander us on the world stage? They themselves brought a war to our continent! Did Temania side with anyone during that conflict? Did we raise concerns when Federation forces marched near our borders and shells exploded near our border patrols? I dont think so.

We can assure the WC that Temania has the stability of the continent on the top of its list and that no ill intentions came from our side. We would however, on our turn, want to condemn Noumonde for falsely accusing us. This is below all our standards and the Emperor and his people feel humiliated. Thank you
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Re: General Assembly

Postby Darkylightytwo » Tue Oct 30, 2018 8:13 pm

Mark Edwards, Prime minister to Tropica to the world congress

Dear members of the WC, We would like to ask Noumonde and Temaria to calm down and not declare war. As the indigenous say, only Poya, wins when differents countries accept to go to War. I demand the Temaria and Noumonde look for a pacifist resolution of this conflict, we don't need a war. I would demand that Noumonde stop accusing Temeria to start a war, unless they have serious of their allegations. Our Countries have the right to organise military exercice in their own ground, we are souveraign. Spreading lies will not help us reach a pacifist resolution.

Also, I would to ask the world congress to not recognize Fortland as country, it is an asburd notion, Fortland has way less population then Kamehameha, and Kamehameha is not recognized as a country, because they do not have a seperate cultural history the rest of Tropica. Fortland does not any cultural history, it just a plateform on sea, builded by a compagnies. How can we define as that a nation ? Is Fortland is anything, its organised crime. To us, is it clear that Fortland rigged the recent World Congress elections to prevent the election of Christophe Buccheim.

Mark Edwards, Prime minister
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