World Congress Reforms - December, 2018

World Congress Reforms - December, 2018

Postby Auditorii » Sat Dec 01, 2018 10:38 pm

When I was brought onto the Global Roleplay Committee I was asked to give me thoughts and gameplan for the reform of the World Congress, notably the Security Council. I've always been a large proponent of a game sponsored UN-style organization and after several failed attempts at player directed ones, I was glad to finally see the World Congress introduced. As with anything, the World Congress grew and shrank but overall it still plays an integral part to RPer way of life and even some non-RPers politics. These reforms that are being carried out are not so much "final" but are more a series of experiments to see what works and what doesn't work.

Usage of the Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General for the World Congress
The Secretary-General is a 10 year position that is controlled by the World Congress Coordinator, a member of the Global Roleplay Committee (GRC). The Secretary-General is responsible for the overall management and direction of the World Congress and releases official statements and updates as part of the WC Coordinators in-game and out of game duties. The Secretary-General (the NPC character) will be randomly selected from countries throughout the world. Players are encouraged to use the Office of the Secretary-General of the World Congress topic to propose changes to the World Congress in-game and out of game such as modifications to voting procedures, notices about updated information as well as general questions for the WC Coordinator about the World Congress and its role. The Secretary-General is assisted by the Deputy Secretary-General and serves as the player deputy to the World Congress Coordinator, the Deputy Secretary-General is selected by the WC Coordinator as Secretary-General and charged with assisting the WC Coordinator in their duties as well as enhancing the World Congress.

Important Changes to the World Congres
1. Discontinuing the elections for the Office of the President of the General Assembly: The Secretary-General and the Deputy Secretary-General will be responsible for the day-to-day assistance within the General Assembly, by far the "largest" component of the World Congress. While the elections were good they became overly bureaucratic and often failed due to players moving on and the length of time that elections had to run. This is a temporary measure and if enough interest is shown, elections for the GA Presidency may return.

2. Changes to the election of the President of the Security Council: Election for the President of the Security Council must be carried out within 1 week of a new elections for the Security Council. In the event that the 1 week time period has expired the World Congress Coordinator (as Secretary-General) with consultation of active Security Council members will appoint a player President of the Security Council from within the active members of the Security Council.

3. Security Council inactivity: Non-Permanent Members within the Security Council must present their representative to the Security Council in the official session of the Security Council within 1 week or they will be removed and their seat awarded to the runner-up. In the event of a significant government change (for both Permanent and Non-Permanent Members), time will be given that is reasonable for players to adapt and announce their new representative to the Security Council.

Permanent Members who fail to respond within the 3 days from the election in the official session thread will have their seat inactivated for the term, their veto power suspended and the players (controlling HoS/HoG/MoFA) notified that if they wish to become active again within the Security Council they must reach out to the World Congress Coordinator who will make the determination.

4. Recognition of major international institutions: Underneath my tenure as WC Coordinator I will be looking to create and recognize major international institutions that have parallels to our own world such as the World Health Organization, World Bank Group, etc. in order to foster RP for countries around the world. While players will not necessarily gain control over these players who are interested in leadership roles are welcome to apply or approach the WC Coordinator and we can begin discussions on the use and possible uses and partial control over these institutions.

5. World Congress News Service: The World Congress News Service will be similar to national newspapers in that it provides both IC and OOC updates about the World Congress and will be responsible for passing information regarding both GA and SC Resolutions.

6. Resolution time table: World Congress Resolutions in both the GA and the SC will have an expiration date of 7 days (up from 5 days from a previous SC Resolution) meaning that at the end of 7 days (1 week) from their official posting, the votes will be tallied and the resolution will be either adopted or defeated. Players who are the sponsoring member of the resolutions are encouraged to message and notify players that a resolution has been presented to the GA or SC and that their vote is encouraged.

7. Reintroduction of Great Powers to voting: While the removal of Great Powers from the pool of candidates was an overall good idea, the overall implementation is problematic if Great Powers change in the rankings. As is the case with Dorvik and Istalia. I suggested and have been heard that every nation be in their respective seats, if a Great Power has the most votes they are given to the runner up.

8. Introduction of Third World to the Security Council: This is something that I am actively speaking with fellow GRC members about and will get back if anything comes of it.

These reforms will be carried out over the next several weeks and will hopefully conclude around the New Year to ensure that they're understood and any changes that arise can be handled promptly.
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