R63 (Kazulia): WCPROASFOR

Re: R63 (Kazulia): WCPROASFOR

Postby Axxell » Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:13 pm

Ciro Cairoli

It is sad to see this: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=4398&p=135276&hilit=Daniela+R%C3%A1zusov%C3%A1#p135276

Istalia recognizes now Deltaria responsable for a further worsening of the situation in Jelbania!
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Re: R63 (Kazulia): WCPROASFOR

Postby Maxington » Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:24 pm

Marie-Sofie Nordlund, Kazulian Ambassador to the World Congress
The Romula Conference has collapsed on itself and has failed to pave the way for a peace process and once more the regional forces within Majatra have decided to piggy-back on this resolution. This resolution has been suspended until the Vanukean Government has "conducted its investigation". The Vanukean delegation made it clear that they wanted to see the implementation of the WCPROASFOR before the establishment of a no-fly zone. I do not believe that combining the resolutions would be beneficial as once more it will be vetoed by the Vanukean delegation. If the Vanukean delegation has decided to back peddle on its aforementioned sentiments and requests it can only be viewed that their actions prior to now were made in an effort to slow down the development and implementation of a peace process. The filibustering has gone on too long and thus as WCPROASFOR will not be able to implement a peace process if Vanuku and Deltaria are actively planning and positioning troops for the spark point of a conflict between each other. We have stated before time and time again, that as this peace process is delayed the chances of a military miscalculation increases. From combatant troop movements to airstrikes, the reckless displayed by the respective powers has hindered the implementation of a functional peace process. When this council had its opportunity to work towards a peace process it was blocked on every avenue by the Vanukean delegation's veto. As the situation deteriorated, in one breath the respective powers called for a peace process but in the other actively executed military actions such as airstrikes and the deployment of troops ever so close to each other's respective borders. How is a World Congress Protection and Assistance Force supposed to be implemented when in the Romula Conference the Vanukean and Deltarian governments made their intentions clear: War is inevitable. How is a peace process supposed to be heralded when the parties entering the conference state that the destruction of the other party would only satisfy their demands and would truly herald a peace process. There is no peace in that sentiment. Kazulia and the Northern Council has been monitoring this situation and we have come to the conclusion that this situation deteriorated beyond repair through the actions of the Katonid, Khaganate, Deltarian and Vanukean governments. We now see the respective parties making preparations for an inevitable war, how can a peace process be heralded whilst the respective parties are sounding the drums of war?

*The Kazulian Delegation leaves the Chamber in protest of the recklessness of the Majatran Powers*
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