Office of the President of the Security Council

Office of the President of the Security Council

Postby CCP » Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:25 am

Congratulations to Security Council President Thilo Hombitzer of the Dorivish Republic!

President Hombitzer was elected with 4 votes (Cobura, Dorvik, Kazulia, and New Endralon). 1 vote was cast for Rnúf Herlkasrmko Ashur (Vanuku), and there were 3 Abstentions (Indrala, Istalia, and Luthori).

This thread will now serve as President Hombitzter's office for the duration of his Presidency. All questions and correspondence may be directed here. Sensitive correspondence may be forwarded to the President's private email.


Election for President of the Security Council will begin on Saturday August 11, 48 hours from now. The SC President is the leader and Presiding Officer of the Security Council and has the power to enforce rules in the SC including World Congress Resolutions and Game Rules. The President will also work closely with the World Congress Role Play Coordinator (WCRC) to come up with new Role Plays, reforms, and ideas for the World Congress as a whole.

Any player currently active in a nation that is a member of the Security Council is invited to stand for election. You must choose a name for your candidate and state their nationality. Please use this thread to announce your candidacy and your plans if elected.


Only characters from nations which are members of the Security Council may run. However, there are no age, professional, or educational restrictions.


Yes. You must have a party in the nation your character comes from, and the party must remain active until the end of the current Security Council term. You should also have the support of your nation's Head of Government.


Yes. However, SC President and GA President must be two different players. If you win both elections, the World Congress Role Play Coordinator will ask you to choose which position you prefer. The vacant position will go to the runner-up.


The SC President will serve until the end of the current World Congress Session. A new election will be held at the start of the September Session and every Session thereafter. There are no term limits for the office of SC President. If elected, you may run for re-election as often as you wish so long as your nation remains a member of the Security Council.


Yes. The President can be removed by a Security Council Resolution or by the WCRC in consultation with Moderation.


No. The election is conducted under the auspices of the Global Role Play Committee and therefore is not subject to Great Power Veto.


The SC President's powers and responsibilities are to:

  • Preside over all Security Council proceedings, maintaining order and decorum at all times in accordance with Game Rules.
  • Ensure all World Congress offices are filled in accordance with passed Resolutions. If positions are left unfilled, Role Play negative consequences at the President's discretion subject to WCRC oversight.
  • Maintain a minimum of one Security Council Resolution on the Floor at all times.
  • Write Resolutions as necessary to further your nation's foreign policy goals and meet the Minimum Resolution Requirement.
  • Establish and enforce Deliberation and Voting time limits. Resolutions should not remain in the Deliberation or Vote stages an unreasonable length of time.
  • Inform Delegations when a Resolution is at vote through Private Messages, and encourage them to vote.
  • Spearhead timely implementation of all Security Council Resolutions in consultation with relevant parties, including the President of the General Assembly, the High Commissioners and Special Rapporteurs, and the WCRC.
  • Coordinate with the President of the General Assembly regarding implementation of successful General Assembly Resolutions. If the Security Council refuses to pass a Binding Resolution required to enforce a GA Resolution, the Security Council President must issue a public statement to that effect in the relevant General Assembly thread.
  • Keep past Security Council Resolutions accessible and organized.
  • Conclude business on all Resolutions held over from previous Sessions by declaring them passed, failed, or repealed.
  • Oversee the Security Council and World Congress Wiki pages and update them as necessary.
  • Keep governments informed of their rights as Member Nations and encourage them to take full advantage to advance their foreign policy goals.
  • Stay abreast of international issues debated in the Security Council and General Assembly.
  • Role Play the President character in accordance with the foreign policy goals of their country. The President is not required to maintain political neutrality and is expected to use their office to advance the interests of their country.
  • Be an active Role Player. The SC and GA Presidents will be responsible for leading a major World Congress Role Play the details of which will be revealed if elected.
  • Remain in regular contact with and submit to oversight by the WCRC to coordinate World Congress matters. WCRC decisions are final. In case of a breakdown in communication, concerns should be reported to Moderation.
  • Propose changes to the World Congress Charter subject to WCRC and Moderation approval. If approved, the proposed changes should be put to vote in a Security Council Resolution.
  • Stay active. If the SC President becomes inactive for 3 days without notice, a new election will be called.
  • Serve until September 1st. A new election will be called at that time.
Additional powers and responsibilities may be assigned in consultation with the WCRC.


Players may declare their candidacy in this thread during the next 48 hours. Voting will officially begin Saturday, August 11. The vote will last for 48 hours (2 days, from Saturday August 11 until Monday August 13). Security Council members may cast votes in this thread for any declared candidate at anytime beginning now until the vote is closed.

This thread is for campaign-related posts ONLY. Any questions should be directed to the WCRC or the Security Council OOC/Planning Thread.
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Postby CCP » Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:27 am

Voting has now commenced for President of the Security Council

Security Council delegates may vote by writing the name of your government's preferred candidate in this thread.

The vote will last 48 hours until Monday August 13 at 2pm CEST (8am EDT)

Good luck to the candidates!


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Postby Auditorii » Thu Aug 09, 2018 1:48 pm

Thilo Hombitzer who currently serves as the General-Plenipotentiary to the World Congress from the Dorvish Republic announces his candidacy for President of the Security Council; he has the backing of the Dorvish Republic.

”As President of the Security Council I will work with all members of the Security Council to conduct world affairs in a manner appropriate for all nations. I will be free of his and will act impartiality; I have previously served as an amabassaor to several nations and have worked with the World Congress on several occasions. I was most recently an ambassador to the Artanian Union and served as a foreign policy coordinator for the International Development and Stability Bank. II have served also as a senior fellow of the Gath Defense Collective, a senior fellow at the Zardic Institute of International Studies as well as serving as the Chair of the International Affairs Department at the National Institute of Policy in Dorvik. I am previously a Captain in the Dorvish Army where I served as an intelligence officer in the 10th Panzergrenadier Division.

I would like to continue to implement policies and regulations that ensure the working order of the Security Council. I would seek to ensure offices of the Security Council are informed, staffed and ensure that we are transparent with our budgets. I believe that the Security Council is at a momentous step in its relative infancy. I believe firmly that we can work together and ensure that their is a stable international order.

Some of the most important focus is the operations of the World Congress Peacekeeping Office; ensuring proper staffing and proper budgetary finance. I believe the establishment of an international SC-based nuclear, chemical and biological authority as well as other offices meant to protect world peace and protect a stable international order. Furthermore I believe that we should continually maintain a wide purview of world affairs and ensure that we are active in world affairs in an impartial and unbiased matter.”

OOC: I’m very interested in this. I think we can do a lot with this and there’s a lot of foundational work and organizational work that needs to be done.
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Postby Sisyphus » Thu Aug 09, 2018 4:59 pm


Rnúf Herlkasrmko Ashur, former Vanukean Foreign Minister and current Internal Affairs Minister, has announced his candidacy for the Presidency of the Security Council.

During his 15-year tenure as Vanuku's Foreign Minister he was one of Terra's most prominent diplomats. He visited numerous countries on every continent and welcomed a multitude of foreign ministers to Vanuku to sign treaties, trade deals and strike other pacts of friendship, which led to peace and prosperity around the globe. He also served as his country's ambassador to the World Congress for a period.

As foreign minister, he played an instrumental role in the Rklemjistad Summit in which he helped to broker peace in Majatra. He was also made Baron of Besh'amr by the Queen of Vanuku for his services to his country on the international stage.

Ashur is fluent in multiple languages including Luthorian, Dorvish, Trigunian, Kazulian and many Jelbic languages and dialects making him a very natural negotiator. His particular area of passion in the Security Council is to bring about much-needed reform of the resolution debating and voting procedure, which has become deadlocked over the last few years.

He also wants to reinforce the link between the General Assembly and the Security Council and rid the congress of the "them and us" perception that has grown out of recent disputes. In solving this he will work extremely closely with the newly-elected President of the General Assembly and will have an open door policy for any delegate from either chamber who wants to have a chat.

He is also keen to reignite the need for a World Congress peace keeping force, which has 'teeth' and can be deployed when needed to solve international problems, enforce sanctions or be deployed on peacekeeping and humanitarian missions.

Ashur said:
I am passionate about making the World Congress Security Council the place where international issues can be aired and will be resolved. That needs someone at the helm who has the proven track record and the vast experience of dealing with international affairs at the highest level and finding solutions over many decades.
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Postby Kubrick » Fri Aug 10, 2018 1:58 pm

Ashur has the full backing of the government of the Kingdom of Vanuku.
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Re: VOTE NOW: Security Council President Election

Postby November » Sat Aug 11, 2018 4:42 pm

Teksousia Osir, Coburan Prime Minister:

Cobura endorses mister Thilo Hombitzer for the Presidency of the Security Council, and encourages other nations to do so as well.
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Re: VOTE NOW: Security Council President Election

Postby Auditorii » Sat Aug 11, 2018 6:06 pm

"The Dorvish Republic casts its vote for Thilo Hombitzer."
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Re: VOTE NOW: Security Council President Election

Postby Franco Urquhart » Sun Aug 12, 2018 2:26 am

New Endarlon will cast a vote for Thilo Hombitzer
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Re: VOTE NOW: Security Council President Election

Postby Maxington » Sun Aug 12, 2018 3:52 am

Kazulia votes for Thilo Hombitzer
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Re: VOTE NOW: Security Council President Election

Postby Wu Han » Sun Aug 12, 2018 4:57 am

Yuan Wu, Indralan Ambassador to the World Congress and Security Council:
Indrala abstains from the Security Council Presidential Election.
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