R73 (Istalia): Condemnation of the Racial Regime of Noumonde

R73 (Istalia): Condemnation of the Racial Regime of Noumonde

Postby Axxell » Tue Sep 25, 2018 5:10 pm

Istalian Delegation

Resolution proposal for the Security Council to condemn the Canrillaise suprematist Government and the discriminatory political, social, cultural and economical discrimination against the Malgy ethnicity


RECALLING its previous Resolutions and all the international laws regarding the Human Rights,

RE-AFFIRMING that the Security Council of the World Congress recognises that any form of discrimination, persecution and segregation of individuals for their ethnicity, religion, political opinion, health and social conditions are inherently evil crimes which are to be utterly condemned,

RECOGNISING that the Security Council of the World Congress officially condemns all form of discrimination as crimes against humanity,

NOTHING the unacceptable positions and proposals proposed by the Noumonde suprematist regime during any kind of diplomatic approach to solve the serious situation in Noumonde,

Does hereby condemn the racial suprematist Canrillaise regime of Noumonde and does not recognize the current Govenrment established with a coup d'etat by part of the White-led Military Forces of Noumonde.

Does hereby demand that the illegal Government of Noumonde immediately put an end to the discrimination against the Malgy as well as against any minority in Noumonde, recognize to all Malgy people full citizenship, recognize so full political, civic, social, economic and cultural right to all the Malgy and demands that the government of said nation immediately implement statutory overhauls to eradicate the culture of racial discrimination and persecution and all its attendant crimes and customs from their society.

In pursuance of this Resolution, the Security Council does authorize any nation willing to do so to put in place all the necessary measure to cut any kind of relations with the Noumonde Suprematist Regime, to put in place any sort of sanctions end to persue any solutions to put an end to the said ragime. Furthermore the Security Concil condemns any nation which will act in support of the regime.

If this resolution will pass, the Security Council will demand to the Wolrd Congress Human Rights Office and to the World Congress Peacekeeping and Assistance Force to organize a Joint Committee for the Supervision of the Operation to vigilate and coordinate the efforts of those nation ready to intervene in Noumonde to put an end to the apartheid system and to the current military illegal government.

In the specific, due to the cultural ties between Noumonde and the nations of the Canrillaise Federation and found the current presence of Federal Forces close to Noumonde, the Security Council authorize the Canrillaise Federation and its allies to use any means to persue the goals of this resolution.
The Federal Military Authorities as well as the ones of its allies shall recognize the authority of the Joint Committee for the Supervision of the Operation and submit to its provisions.
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Re: R73 (Istalia): Condemnation of the Racial Regime of Noumonde

Postby Polites » Wed Sep 26, 2018 10:12 am

Naenia Concordia, Selucian ambassador to the World Congress:

NAY, NAY, a thousand times NAY! We demand that the Security Council immediately end its support for humanitarian bombing. This is an utterly shameful use of Security Council powers for a war that will lead to unspeakable suffering, with no regard to its disastrous outcomes. Selucia says NO to liberal imperialism.
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Re: R73 (Istalia): Condemnation of the Racial Regime of Noumonde

Postby Auditorii » Sat Nov 17, 2018 12:03 pm

World Congress Roleplay Coordinator

In accordance with Resolution 69, this resolution has failed to pass with a 0-1-7 vote.
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