44th Security Council Session

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Re: 44th Security Council Session

Postby XanderOne » Mon Jun 29, 2020 1:17 pm

Saul Levi, Istalian Ambassador

My Government shares the same concerns about Kalopia but we would like inviting the Security Council and the international community to face the issue through a diplomatic approach, starting from pursuing diplomatic pression on the Kalopian Government, warning it about the repercussion which such actions could have for its image and its international relations.

Then, rather than hastily proceed with sanctions my Government would like point out the fact that at the moment Kalopia didn't turn into a some-like dictatorship. We should wait for the next electoral round. Internal opposition already expressed thier discomfort and in case of electoral victory we are sure that such legislations will be reppealed, especially facing a certain international discomfort. We cannot consider as a "regime" any government democratically elected and led by far-right or far-left parties and political movements as well as we have to consider that through the electoral process the citizens can reward a party as well as can punish it. We should offer to the people of Kalopia the opportunity to express its popular will.

Finally, we would like prefer to focus on the matter without poking other nation with such still hostile rhetoric. My Government doesn't think Kazulia should be considered as responsible for such shift into the Kalopian domestic politics and indeed we are sure that Kazulia will express the same concerns about such discriminatory policies.

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Re: 44th Security Council Session

Postby colonelvesica » Mon Jun 29, 2020 6:26 pm

Jennifer Morrison
Hutorian Ambassador to the World Congress

Honoured Delegates.

I come before this august body to inform the delegates of the following. Davostan has fallen. The entirety of the mainland and the Bindeborg islands are currently under Allied occupation, with the only redoubt of Kivonian resistance remaining of the island of Dovmark, though through allied intelligence, we have gathered they are in the midst of attempting to neogiate the terms of their surrender. I am informing this body of more grizzly news that in their hour of desperation that the Kivonian Regime has committed very clear war crimes. Under threat of the capture of their cities, numerous Kivonian units, under direct orders from the de-facto head of state, Julius Caesus, and willingly executing these orders, executed thousands of their own citizens in cold blood. Thankfully, our forces were quick to intercept attempting to retreat death squads, and those who didn't fight until the last were captured and are being held as Prisoners of War.

The reports were disturbing.. and the images even more so. I am informing this body in no uncertain terms that the Kivonian Regime is going to be dismantled in it's entirety. We have not decided on what to do with the War Criminals who iniatived these heinous acts, but currently the plan is to try them for not only War Crimes, but Crimes Against Humanity.
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Re: 44th Security Council Session

Postby Luis1p » Mon Jun 29, 2020 7:05 pm

Image Letizia Itzel, Lourennais Royal Ambassador to the World Congress:

Members of the Security Council, I am here to represent myself as the United Kingdom's Royal Ambassador to the World congress and Security Council, replacing our previous ambassador Madame Valerie Laupin.

I'd first like to echo the words of the Istalian Representative about the hostility from the Jakanian Representative. We must remind the Jakanian representative that the administration I represent in Lourenne is not the same as the previous. We are no puppets, and we ask the Jakanian representative to remember its purpose in this council. This is not the place to pick fights with each other. Please respect our nation and our government just as your government wishes to be respected.

Members of the Security Council, we are here to express concern over the far right government in Kalopia as have other members of the council already have. We believe if this issue is not met with immediate diplomatic action, the people of Kalopia could fall into a desperate pit of segregation, separation, and persecution. We are willing to work to provide a quick and immediate solution for our final days in this institution.
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Re: 44th Security Council Session

Postby jamescfm » Mon Jun 29, 2020 7:18 pm

Image Mr. Birtan Gozubuyuk, Jakanian Permanent Representative to the World Congress:
The Jakanian delegation is still waiting to hear from the Kazulian delegation on the actions of their so-called "longest and most trusted ally" in Majatra. Given the consistent willingness of the Istalian delegation to perform apologetics for Kazulia, perhaps they should replace Kalopia in this latter role.
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Re: 44th Security Council Session

Postby Maxington » Mon Jun 29, 2020 8:28 pm

Image Mr. Zakarias Westermarck, Kazulian Ambassador to the World Congress
I read a letter from the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Kazulia, the Honourable Per Dalsgaard.

Having observed the situation developing in Kalopia, we are disturbed by the sudden change in the nation's domestic situation. Our silence should not be viewed as this government's approval of the recent events unfolding in the nation but should be viewed as this government making attempts to urge the Kalopian Government to reconsider its actions and to return to its period of social democracy and progressivism. Recognising that these attempts have been futile and the Kalopian Government, having made their intentions extremely clear, I have instructed the Department of Foreign Affairs to suspend the Memorandum of Understanding between Kalopia and Kazulia which facilitates activities such as mutual defence, training exercises and military aid. To that extent, we intend on temporarily withdrawing from the MoU and once the situation has been resolved, it is our intention to renegotiate the MoU to ensure that all parties are comfortable with the resumption of activities underneath the MoU. We cannot comment on further action currently being considered by the Council of Ministers with respect to our future relationship with Kalopia. -END-
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