R65 (Kazulia): Suspension of Vanuku from Security Council

Re: R65 (Kazulia): Suspension of Vanuku from Security Council

Postby Wu Han » Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:12 pm

Dr. Song Bo-gum, Indralan Ambassador to the World Congress and Security Council:
In the spirit of condemning the use of nuclear warheads, of condemning the thoughtless harm caused to millions of innocents in the fallout of such an attack, and of condemning the irresponsible, primitive and animalistic nature of the Vanukean war effort, the State of Indrala votes AYE to Resolution 65, which shall not be ratified considering the Vanukean veto.

Having said this, our delegation would like query the Kazulian delegation which has introduced this resolution: under what international laws would the Kingdom of Vanuku be subject to trial in an international court? Perhaps a more intrepid endeavour for this body would be to draft an resolution which fully criminalizes the use of these weapons and moves toward complete multinational nuclear disarmament, rather than prosecute that which has not yet been criminalized.
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Re: R65 (Kazulia): Suspension of Vanuku from Security Council

Postby Plurality Party » Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:20 pm

Minali Kumar, ambassador to Malivia:
Due to recent circumstances, we have been thinking about the casting of our vote. For now, Malivia votes ABSTAIN.
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