Nation Renaming Guide

Important information related to the game such as the populations and the economic and military rankings.

Nation Renaming Guide

Postby Moderation » Wed Aug 26, 2015 11:52 am

As per Section 5 of the Game Rules, the Nation Renaming Guide outlines the acceptable languages for nation renaming based on Cultural Protocols.

On the left hand side is the primary common English name for each nation. In brackets are appropriate alternative English common names if any exist. For all nation renamings, the common English name will be placed in brackets at the end. By default this will be the primary name but players may stipulate in the nation renaming bill if they wish this to be one of the alternative common names. On the right hand side are the appropriate languages for the nation name. In brackets next to each language will be the nation's name in that language if it is different from the English. A few real world examples to illustrate this system:
Eswatini (alt. Swaziland): Swazi (eSwatini) or English
Germany: German (Deutschland)
Greece (alt. Hellas): Greek (Ελλάδα, translit: Ellada or Ελλάς, translit: Ellas)
Japan: Japanese (日本, translit: Nippon or Nihon)
Luxembourg: Luxembourgish (Lëtzebuerg), French or German (Luxemburg)
Thailand (alt. Siam): Thai (ประเทศไทย, translit: Prathet Thai)

Players are generally required to rename their nation using one of the languages stipulated below, utilising Google Translate and other translation tools. If they are unable to find a suitable translation tool then they should post a request in the Language assistance thread. If no suitable translation can be found after a seven-day period then Moderation will permit an English translation of the nation name to be implemented instead.

If you believe that the Nation Renaming Guide should be amended then you are welcome to leave feedback in the relevant thread. As a final note, please remember that Moderators are not linguists and while we will endeavour to check a nation renaming request is in an appropriate language, we can't guarantee that it will be entirely accurate.

Aloria: Welsh or German
Beluzia: Any
Dorvik: German or Old Prussian (Dōrviskas)
Dundorf: German
Endralon: Hungarian
Hobrazia: Georgian
Ikradon (alt. Hawu Mumenhes): Ancient Egyptian (ḥꜥȝsu Mnhs, translit: Hw Mnhs) or English
Kirlawa: English or Irish
Kundrati: Latin, Basque or English
Luthori: English
Malivia: English or Hindi (Maliviya)
Narikaton and Darnussia: Dutch (Narikaton en Darnussien) or German (Narikaton und Darnussien)
Rutania: English

Dankuk (alt. Drania or Dranland): Spanish or Korean (단국, translit: Dankuk)
Hulstria and Gao-Soto (alt. Hulstria and Gishoto or Mikuni-Hulstria): Austrian German (Hulsterreich) or Japanese
Kazulia: English or Norwegian (Kazulmark)
Lourenne: French
Seko: Japanese (瀬国, translit: Sekoku)
Talmoria: Akan, Yoruba, Igbo or Fon
Vorona (alt. Deltaria Nova): English
Yingdala (alt. Indrala): Chinese (瑩大磖, tranlit: Yingdala)

Keris and Makon
Davostan (alt. Davostag): Danish (Dovmark) or Swedish (Dovmark)
Dolgava (alt. Dolgaria or Dolgavia): Latvian or German
Egelion: Spanish
Hutori (alt. Athlorcea): English
Kizenia and New Endralon: Romanian (Chizână și Noului Endralon) or Hungarian (Kizénia és Újndrálon)
Telamon: Icelandic (Tælmörk)
Trigunia: Russian (Трыгуния, translit: Tryguniya or Трыгунская, translit: Trygunskaya)

Badara: Arabic (al-Badara)
Barmenistan (alt. Barmenia): Kurdish
Beiteynu: Hebrew (Beiteinu) or English
Cildania: Maltese (Qildar)
Cobura: Coptic (Enkoboure), Esperanto (Kobura) or Amharic
Deltaria: Slovak (Deltarsko), Czech (Deltársko) or Old Church Slavonic (Deltarĭsko)
Istalia (alt. Quanzar): Italian
Jakania: Turkish (Cakaniye)
Jelbania (alt. Jelbe): Jelbék (Jelbe)
Kafuristan: Arabic (al-Qalb)
Kalopia (alt. Wantuni): Greek (Kalopia) or Arabic (Wantuni)
Pontesi: Armenian or Latin
Selucia: Latin (Seluciae)
Solentia: Arabic (al-Sahil)
Vanuku: Wrnukaék (Wrnuke)
Zardugal (alt. Augusta): Esperanto

Aldegar: Persian (Aldegār)
Alduria: French
Baltusia: English
Gaduridos: Any
Kalistan: American English
Kanjor: French
Keymon: English or Corsican
Likatonia: American English
Lodamun: Any
Mordusia: English
Rildanor: French
Saridan: Afrikaans (Seridjan)
Tukarali: Portuguese (Tuçaralia)
Valruzia: Polish (Walruzja)
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