Cultural Protocols Index

Important information related to the game such as the populations and the economic and military rankings.

Cultural Protocols Index

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In accordance with section 7 (Cultural Protocols) of the Game Rules, countries in Particracy may be designated as "culturally protected". Players in culturally protected countries are expected to conform to the approved cultural protocols of their country. Below is a list of all the Moderation-enforced cultural protocols for the game's playable countries accompanied by a link to Moderation's approval and a short summary of the dominant culture in the country. For countries that are currently culturally open, you can find the previous cultural protocol if one is known to exist.

Culturally protected

Aloria (approved): Welsh and German
Dorvik (approved): German
Dundorf (approved): German
Endralon (approved): Hungarian with Croatian minority
Hobrazia (approved): Georgian
Ikradon (approved): African-American
Kirlawa (approved): Irish and English
Luthori (approved): Victorian English
Malivia (approved): Indian with Afro-Caribbean minority
Narikaton and Darnussia (approved): Dutch and German
Rutania (approved): English

Dankuk (approved): Filipino and Korean
Hulstria and Gao-Soto (approved): Austrian and Japanese
Kazulia (approved): Norwegian
Lourenne (approved): French
Seko (approved): Ryukyuan
Talmoria (approved): West African
Yingdala (approved): Han Chinese

Keris and Makon
Davostan (approved): Danish and Swedish
Dolgava (approved): Latvian and German
Egelion (approved): Spanish
Hutori (approved): Canadian
Kizenia and New Endralon (approved): Romanian and Hungarian
Telamon (approved): Icelander
Trigunia (approved): Russian

Badara (approved): Arab
Barmenistan (approved): Kurdish
Beiteynu (approved): Jewish
Cildania (approved): Maltese
Cobura (approved): Copt, Amhara, and Esperanto-speaking Byzantine
Deltaria (approved): Slovak and Czech with Hungarian and Romanian minorities
Istalia (approved): Italian
Jakania (approved): Turkish
Jelbania (approved): Jelbic
Kafuristan (approved): Arab
Kalopia (approved): Greek
Pontesi (approved): Armenian
Selucia (approved): Roman
Vanuku (approved): Jelbic
Zardugal (approved): Esperanto-speaking Byzantine

Aldegar (approved): Persian
Alduria (approved): French
Baltusia (approved): American
Kalistan (approved): West Coast American
Kanjor (approved): French
Keymon (approved): Luxembourgish and Swiss
Likatonia (approved): American
Mordusia (approved): English with French minority
Rildanor (approved): French
Saridan (approved): Afrikaner
Tukarali (approved): Portugese
Valruzia (approved): Polish

Culturally open

Beluzia: English
Gaduridos: Italian and Spanish
Lodamun: No known cultural background
Solentia: Arab
Vorona: English
Kundrati: Eastern and Southern European
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