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Re: Particracy Game Rules

PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 10:07 am
by Moderation
Section 9 - Forum-Based Countries

1. Players interested in assuming control over a forum-based country must have a forum account over 30 days old and be in good standing with the Particracy Game Rules;

2. Players who meet the above mentioned criteria should request control in the Forum-Based Countries Control Requests thread located HERE;
-- 2a. Players who request control must contain the name of the nation they are seeking to control;
-- 2b. Players are generally asked to disclose their plans for the nation, if they do not Moderation can require that they do so;

3. Players may request control for a nation that is currently occupied, Moderation (or the Forum-Based Countries Coordinator) will make a decision based on the factors present at the time of request;

4. Moderation retains authority on permitting, removing or otherwise overseeing operations of the forum-based countries alongside the Forum-Based Countries Coordinator (if present) and may change, alter, "ret-con" as a matter of basis;

5. Players in control of forum-based countries are permitted governance over all domestic and foreign affairs, cultural affairs are restricted to the national descriptions provided by the Forum-Based Countries Information thread located HERE. Forum-based countries are also included in the Particracy Military and Economic Rankings located HERE;

6. Forum-based countries are members of the World Congress and thus are permitted to contribute to its discussions;

7. Forum-based countries cannot be controlled, re-colonized or other source of direct assumption of power by an in-game nation. These nations are intended for role-play opportunities that may not be possible;

8. Players are expected to respect the established role-play history of a forum-based country if assuming control from another player or other circumstances;

Revised 01/27/2020

Re: Particracy Game Rules

PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 10:33 am
by Moderation
Section 10 - Secondary Active Accounts

1. Players can request authorization for a second active account in the "Second Account Authorization Request" thread located HERE;
-- 1a. Moderation reserves the right to approve or deny any requests at their discretion;
-- 1b. Players must have at least a 30 day old forum account in order to qualify (among other qualifications determined by Moderation);
-- 1c. Players are required to use the same email on both accounts;

2. Users that are authorized to have a second active account will be registered in the "Second Accounts Register" located HERE. Moderation will make all efforts to ensure that this list is kept up to date;

3. Users that are not located on the aforementioned register are in violation of Section 2.1 and will have their accounts deactivated unless 10.7 applies to the circumstance;

4. Users that are authorized to have a second account are not permitted to play within the same nation and are generally requested to avoid being on the same continent as their primary account;

5. Users that are authorized to have a second account are not permitted to engage in any serious or potentially conflicting RP with their primary account nation without authorized consent of Moderation;

6. Moderation will work to ensure a fair system of secondary active accounts in relation to the Game Rules and the RP rules;

7. Users must create their second account prior to submission, please note that the party must be inactivated immediately following creation pending approval by Moderation. If a user fails to inactivate their party following creation a warning will be given, the proposed secondary account inactivated and Moderation will determine the best course of action to handle the infraction;

8. When applying for a second account users must submit using the following template:
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[b]Current in-game account:[/b] USERNAME - COUNTRY (link to party)
[b]Proposed second in-game account:[/b] PROPOSED USERNAME - PROPOSED COUNTRY (link to proposed party)
-- 8a. Users may be asked to provide a brief descriptor on their intentions for the country if required by Moderation.

Revised 06/18/2020