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This forum is dedicated to most game-related information such as indexes, lists and other items that Moderation deems important.

Particracy Game Information

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Welcome new players, returning players and all!

This area serves as the central area for all important and pertinent game information related to Particracy. For those who have just found us, please read through the rules! If you have any questions you can reach out to the current Moderation team, currently Mr. God and Auditorii. You can PM us on the forums, find us on Discord or you can message our official in-game account called Moderation.

First Steps
Important links, locations and items
    1. Economic and Military Rankings - These rankings are used to provide depth due to incomplete elements of the game. These are dynamic and are updated by Moderation on a regular basis. Please note that while in-game economic systems exist, traditionally these will take precedence over in-game economies.
    2. Third World Information - The Third World are post-colonial nations located on the continent of Dovani, Vescania and Temania which can be controlled by the player without elections, parties, etc. Please note that these are entirely RP-focused countries and is recommended for players who have experience with RP or have a strong desire to RP. You can request control over a Third World country HERE.
    3. Real Life Equivalent Index - In Particracy we have stayed away from the usage of many real-world terms, people, events, etc. but we do make use of some. For those items that we have changed, we as a community have come up with a "equivalents" list, while these "equivalents" are meant to provide real-world ties, it does not mean that the stories of the real-world people are the same in PT.
    4. World Congress Overview - The World Congress is the United Nations equivalent in the Particracy world. The World Congress is made up of the General Assembly and the Security Council. These two organs function very similarly to our real-world counterparts in the United Nations. The World Congress Security Council is the primary organ of the World Congress and is comprised of all the Great Powers in the game according to the Economic and Military Rankings, they possess veto power and they are allowed to introduce Security Council Resolutions.
    5. Particracy Gas and Oil Map - Moderation (with efforts by several dozen players) have developed an official list of countries, areas, regions, etc that produce/manufacture/operate oil and gas operations. Please note that this is the official list, country may claim that they produce oil and gas but it is not recognized unless it is on this list.

Important Notices
Inactivation Sweeps
It has been brought to our attention that the automated Inactivation Sweep that Moderators use to inactivate accounts that are not used for 4 days is slightly bugged in that many of these parties are not coming up and so remain for a longer period of time. During this time, I’d suggest additional vigilance and initiative to point out inactive parties and Moderation will do its best to do the same to alleviate the problem.
-- Source: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=8275

Particracy FAQ
Welcome to the Particracy FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) this is designed for new players, returning players or players who generally have questions. Please note that this is not exhaustive nor totally complete and will be added to. This is meant to act in conjunction with the in-game FAQ.

1. Where can I Role-play? (RP, Roleplay)
You can RP in several areas. The primary method of RP is done in-game through bill debates, in-game RP laws (which are covered in the Particracy Game Rules) and through the usage of several forums. The most important and most used is the forum-based newspapers located in the International News section. You find your countries newspaper and then you post news articles. If you have questions or cannot find your nations newspaper, ask in Discord or message a Moderator! You can also RP in other areas such as World Events which is often where youll find major world events such as wars, civil wars, economic events, etc. You can also RP in Organizations, meant to represent in-game organizations, Conferences, meant for bi-lateral or multi-lateral relations and organization conferences and Formal Visits which is meant to RP direct formal visits to nations.

2. Whats the World Congress?
The World Congress is the Particracy version of the United Nations. The World Congress is made up of the General Assembly and the Security Council. The General Assembly is open to all political parties, nations, and organizations to discuss everything from world events, to problems arising in their own countries or other events. The General Assembly posses no power and cannot pass any binding resolutions. While the members of the General Assembly may create resolutions or calls to action, they do not formally have any power. The World Congress Security Council is made up of a number of members who are Great Powers according to the Ecnomic and Military Rankings. The World Congress Security Council can pass resolutions which are binding to all members of the World Congress. While they are binding, it doesn't necessarily mean that you and the country that you play in, will follow them.

2a. Am I a member of the World Congress? Do I need to be? Can I leave?
Every nation is automatically a member of the World Congress. There is no requirement for a nation to remain in the World Congress but is recommended since you would be unable to participate in certain aspects of the World Congress. Please note that if you wish to leave the World Congress, there might be potential impacts through the Economic and Military Rankings that are done by Moderation. If you wish to leave the World Congress, it is considered an RP "treaty withdrawal" and must have 2/3 support of the national legislature.
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