Oil and Gas Index

Important information related to the game such as the populations and the economic and military rankings.

Oil and Gas Index

Postby Moderation » Sat Jun 27, 2020 12:37 pm

Note: Both of the maps linked in this thread are outdated. The correct source for information is the list of countries below, the maps are intended only to serve as a reference point.

Please see full announcement HERE.

In regards to Third World oil/gas:
Please note that any third world/post-colonial nations require Moderation permission to sell controlling or majority portions of their oil or natural gas production, exploration, oil fields, etc. This is done to keep some sort of stability in terms of influence and prominence. Please note that third world/post-colonial nations are subject to much more radical drops and jumps given events, etc. Also note that while players might control third world/post-colonial nations, actions are subject to review by Moderation.

Oil and Gas Map (outdated)
Map of Oil/Gas Resources (outdated)

Tier III nations (High, near infinite reserves)
  • Kafuristan
  • Badara
  • Jakania
  • Vascania
  • Trigunia

Tier II nations (Moderate/Medium reserves)
  • Coastal Dorvik (belongs to Dorvik)
  • Istapali
  • Eastern Degalogsa
  • Western Kazulia
  • Western Hulstria and Gao-Soto
  • Sea of Carina (Split between several Dovani nations, largely dominated by Ostland)
  • Ostland
  • Kalistan
  • Coastal Istapali/Red Bass Ocean (largely unknown)
  • Anatonese Ocean (Several nations compete for control, largely Seleyan and central Dovani nations)
  • Aldegar
  • Hutori

Tier I nations (Small reserves)
  • Southeastern Malivia
  • Nations surrounding Lake Majatra
  • Coastal Vanuku (belongs to Vanuku)
  • Tukarali
  • Coastal Ntoto (largely unknown)
  • Coastal Medina/Vescanian Sea (largely unknown)
  • Lake shared between New Alduria and Temania
  • Southern portion of Indrala and nearby water (Owned by Indrala)
  • Border regions between Dolgavia and New Endralon and Kizenia
  • Border regions between New Endralon and Kizenia and Egelion
  • Eastern Valruzia
  • Western Lodamun
  • Western Baltusia
  • Northwestern Hobrazia
  • Maddog Ocean (Several nations compete for control, largely Makon and Kerisian nations)
  • Odufart Sea (Several nations compete for control, largely Southern Seleyan nations)
  • Portions of eastern Kalopia/Wantuni and western Solentia
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