New GRC Members!

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New GRC Members!

Postby lewiselder1 » Wed Aug 08, 2018 5:56 pm

You may have realised that since becoming a moderator, the Dovani CRC position hasn’t remained vacant. In addition, however, the World Congress Roleplay Co-Ordinator role has also remained in effect empty since Cirith has unfortunately been inactive due to outside circumstances in recent times alongside the position of CRC for Seleya since Masionette’s resignation.

Today we therefore announce not one, not two, but three (3) changes to the makeup of the GRC! A thrilling spectacle no doubt! ;)

First, we’d like to welcome Doc as the new CRC for Seleya; he’s a fantastic RPer and has been nothing short of great in recent months. We have no doubt that Doc will be a great addition to the team and finally be able to take over any concerns regarding RP in Seleya from here on in :) the position of Deputy CRC here is still vacant, but no doubt Doc will find a good candidate in due course.

Second, onto the position of CRC for Dovani. Former co-Deputy Luis will be taking on this role in future, having been an excellent and very helpful Deputy for myself and filling in the role fantastically alongside WuHan in recent weeks. The excellent WuHan will of course be staying on as Deputy, too :D

Finally, the position of the World Congress CRC or, as it should almost certainly be called, WCRC; we’ve elected to offer CCP the role. CCP is a brilliant member of the team already in his role as CRC for Artania and is brimming with new ideas for helping to develop the World Congress once again. He will also be staying on as CRC for Artania; he’s done a great job there and we have all faith that he can continue to work to the best of his ability in both roles.

We have also created the new role of Deputy WCRC; we’re leaving this up to CCP as usual, but don’t be too surprised if you see a new member pop up there in future.

That’s about everything for the moment. Now we have all of the positions properly filled once more, hopefully you should be seeing more activity from the team in these areas. Wish them all luck in their new roles, especially Doc joining us totally fresh :D
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