Recent trolling incidents

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Recent trolling incidents

Postby wlievens » Wed Sep 19, 2018 9:45 am


I have spoken with the Moderators about the recent incidents of trolling and personal attacks. We agreed that it was getting out of hand, and I would like to reaffirm that trolling and personal attacks are not acceptable in this community. Users who engage in such things should expect sanctions.

Now to be clear, the vast majority of people play the game as it should be played and do the right thing. However, some people seem to think they can get away with this kind of behavior and I can tell you this is not the case. This community is not a democracy, but an online game operated by myself and the moderation team, and will do what is necessary to keep the community a civil place for all players. We do not want to resort to draconian moderation, but now it starts to feel necessary - at least until the situation improves. There is an obvious decorum as to how other players and moderation should be addressed and frankly some people have crossed the line.

If you do engage in such behavior in the future, expect sanctions, even without formal warning if we deem appropriate. If people cannot behave, they do not need to be a part of this community of otherwise friendly and dedicated players.
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