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Nation Renaming Guide

Postby Aquinas » Wed Aug 26, 2015 11:52 am

This is a guide to help players rename their nations in a way which meets the requirements of the rules.

On the left side of the list can be seen the core names of each nation (eg. Aldegar, Badara, Cildania). These core names, or a modest alteration of them, should be included in any nation title proposal, even if it is only in brackets.

In the list below, for some of the nations there can seen in brackets suggested ethnicised versions of the core names. These are only suggestions and do not have to be used.

On the right hand side of the list are the language(s) in which the text in the nation's title surrounding the core name should be presented. Exceptions to this will only be granted at Moderation's discretion and where a very strong case has been presented. English translations may always be included in the nation title in brackets.

It is permitted to present a nation's title as simply the core name (eg. "Telamon") without any surrounding text.

We appreciate that the languages involved can be challenging to translate. Google Translate can be helpful, as can our Language Assistance Requests&nation title lists thread, where players are encouraged to submit their translations requests and, if they are able to do so, respond to the translation requests of others.

If players are struggling with a translation and have not had a translation request fulfilled within 7 days of posting it on the Language Assistance Requests&nation title lists thread, then they are permitted to go ahead with an English translation of their nation title instead.

If you believe there are considerations which justify amending the authorised languages listed for use in a nation's nation name, then you are welcome to raise that with us on the Nation Renaming Guide: feedback thread.

Additionally, please bear in mind that nation renaming requests will be denied if they include ridiculous or offensive references, as per the Game Rules.

On a last note, please bear in mind that your Moderators are not linguistic geniuses, and whilst we will do our best to ensure a nation name proposal is in the appropriate language, we cannot guarantee to always ensure it has the correct spelling and grammar.

Aldegar (Aldegār): Persian (Tajik accepted as a substitute)
Alduria: French
Aloria: Welsh or German
Badara - Arabic
Baltusia: Any
Barmenia/Barmenistan (Brme/Brmestán): Kurdish
Beiteynu: Hebrew
Beluzia: Any
Cildania (Qildar): Maltese
Cobura: Coptic (Enkoboure) or Esperanto (Kobura)
Darnussia: Any
Davostan - Any
Deltaria: Slovak (Deltarsko), Czech (Deltársko) or Old Church Slavonic (Deltarĭsko)
Dolgava/Dolgaria - Any
Dorvik: German
Dranland - 단국 Dankuk: English, Korean, Spanish or Welsh
Dundorf: German
Egelion: Spanish
Endralon: Any
Gaduridos: Any
Hawu Mumenhes/Ikradon: Medu Neter (Ancient Egyptian)
Hobrazia: Georgian
Hulstria (Harusutoria)/Gishoto: German, Hulstro-Mikun or Japanese
Hutori/Athlorcea - English
Indrala/Yingdala: Chinese
Istalia/Quanzar: Italian
Jakania: Turkish
Jelbania (Jelbék): Jelbic/Jelbék
Kafuristan (Al-Qalb): Arabic
Kalistan: Any
Kalopia/Wantuni: Greek/Arabic/Albanian/Turkish
Kanjor: Any
Kazulia (Kazulmark) - Norwegian
Keymon/Klavia Okeanó: English, Greek, Latin or Greek/Latin mix
Kirlawa: Celtic or English
Kundrati - Basque or Latin
Likatonia: English
Lodamun - Any
Lourenne: French
Luthori: English
Malivia: English, English Patois, Hindi
Mordusia: English
New Endralon/Kizenia: Romanian or Hungarian
Pontesi: Any
Rildanor: French
Rutania: English
Saridan (Seridjan): Afrikaans
Sekowo: Ryukyuan/Japanese
Selucia: Latin
Solentia: English
Talmoria - Igbo, Bambara, Yoruba
Telamon - Icelandic
Trigunia (Triguniya): Russian
Tukarali: Portuguese
Vanuku: Dutch, Flemish or Jelbic/Wrnukek
Valruzia: Polish
Vorona/Deltaria Nova: Any
Zardugal (Zardio): Esperanto
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