Register of Nationmasters and RP Team Members

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Register of Nationmasters and RP Team Members

Postby jamescfm » Sun Oct 01, 2017 8:56 pm

Global Role-Play Team:

In accordance with Section 19 of the Game Rules, Particracy's RP Team members are:

Resource Coordinator-Red Reaper
Military Coordinator-ColonelVesica
Economics Coordinator-CCP
Culture Spokesperson-LiuChe
General Spokesperson (s)-Pragma/QV and Arapaima13


In accordance with Section 18 of the Game Rules, Particracy's Nationmasters are:

Alduria - theoriginaltrotka
Baltusia - sspb314
Rildanor - Luis1p (Luis10)
Beluzia - petain1951/stalin1953
Deltaria - cm9777
Hutori - colonelvesica
Istalia - Axxell
New Endralon - Autokrator15
Pontesi - jadouljonathan
Malivia- Bousou Shojo/Corvo Attano
Valruzia- Masionette9
Kazulia Maxington
Likatonia Béren/samvik
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