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Re: Particracy Game Rules

Postby Moderation » Thu Jan 24, 2019 10:07 am

Section 9 - Forum-Based Countries

1. Players interested in assuming control over a forum-based country must have a forum account over 30 days old and be in good standing with the Particracy Game Rules;

2. Players who meet the above mentioned criteria should request control in the Forum-Based Countries Control Requests thread located HERE;
-- 2a. Players who request control must contain the name of the nation they are seeking to control;
-- 2b. Players are generally asked to disclose their plans for the nation, if they do not Moderation can require that they do so;

3. Players may request control for a nation that is currently occupied, Moderation (or the Forum-Based Countries Coordinator) will make a decision based on the factors present at the time of request;

4. Moderation retains authority on permitting, removing or otherwise overseeing operations of the forum-based countries alongside the Forum-Based Countries Coordinator (if present) and may change, alter, "ret-con" as a matter of basis;

5. Players in control of forum-based countries are permitted governance over all domestic and foreign affairs, cultural affairs are restricted to the national descriptions provided by the Forum-Based Countries Information thread located HERE. Forum-based countries are also included in the Particracy Military and Economic Rankings located HERE;

6. Forum-based countries are members of the World Congress and thus are permitted to contribute to its discussions;

7. Forum-based countries cannot be controlled, re-colonized or other source of direct assumption of power by an in-game nation. These nations are intended for role-play opportunities that may not be possible;

8. Players are expected to respect the established role-play history of a forum-based country if assuming control from another player or other circumstances;

Last updated: 27 January 2020
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Re: Particracy Game Rules

Postby Moderation » Mon Mar 04, 2019 10:33 am

Section 10 - Second Accounts

1. Under certain conditions, players are permitted to operate a second account. Permission to operate a second account is a privilege that requires a significant degree of trust. Players must ensure they understand the second account system before requesting permission. Attempts to abuse the system represent a serious breach of trust.

2. To qualify for permission to operate a second account, players must have a forum account that is at least thirty days old.

3. Players who wish to operate a second account should post a request in the Second Accounts thread. The request should include a link to their current account and a link to the proposed second account. Prior to making a request, players are permitted to create a second account in a different country but they must immediately inactivate it. The same email address must be used for both accounts.

4. Players are not permitted to operate two accounts in the same country and are expected to keep role-play with their two accounts separate at all times. As a result, players are not permitted to operate two accounts in neighbouring countries, or in two countries with a close historical or political connection.

5. When making a decision on second account requests, Moderation will consider the previous role-play that a player has produced. In evaluating role-play, Moderation will place weight on the following factors: a willingness to respect previous role-play in a country, an ability to plan and execute role-play in collaboration with other players, and a capacity to adapt role-play to the history and culture of different countries. Consideration will also be given to a player’s ability to demonstrate they are committed to role-playing in the country where they are applying for a second account.

6. If a second account request is approved, the two accounts will be added to the Second Accounts Register and the proposed second account will be reactivated.

7. If either of a player's accounts are inactivated, the player will be given a twenty-four hour period to request reactivation. After this, their permission to operate a second account will be withdrawn and their name will be removed from the register.

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