Announcement: Advisory rankings

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Announcement: Advisory rankings

Postby jamescfm » Fri Jul 31, 2020 11:22 am

Based on player feedback over recent weeks, Moderation has made the decision to make the "Dynamic Rankings" an advisory system from this point forward. Despite our continued belief that some form of rankings can be beneficial to the role-play environment, recent concerns from a number of players about how the rankings operate reflect a broader reality that players find the rankings restrictive and detrimental to role-play. The change has two immediate impacts.

At the moment the World Congress Security Council is composed of five elected members and an unspecified number of permanent members, who are the military "great powers" according to the rankings. From the beginning of the next term, it will become an elected five-member body. In addition, the "veto power" possessed by the permanent members will be abolished. The other effect is that players will no longer be expected to conform to the rankings with respect to advanced military technologies like nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers, which were previously restricted to certain countries in line with their position in the rankings. Note that the Dynamic Rankings will still apply to the "Third World" (or forum-based) countries and players in these countries will still be expected to conform to the restrictions that they impose.

Players are still welcome to approach Moderation for advice with regard to economic and military role-play, in terms of what might be appropriate based on their position within the rankings. Furthermore we will continue to update the rankings based on the criteria outlined in the main thread and player feedback. At this point is worth re-stating that we understand the concerns of players on both sides of this debate and hope that the new system might work as a suitable compromise for those players who want more flexibility within role-play and those who enjoy the structure provided by the rankings.
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