Announcement: Role-Play Coordinator applications

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Announcement: Role-Play Coordinator applications

Postby jamescfm » Thu Oct 15, 2020 10:16 pm

Following the appeal for feedback that we launched at the end of last month, Moderation has now implemented changes to section 8 of the Game Rules. The new rules formalise the positions of Third World Coordinator and World Congress Coordinator. In line with these new rules and as mentioned in that previous post, Moderation would like to invite players to apply for these positions.

If you are interested in either position (the responsibilities of which can be found in section 8) then please send a forum message to both Moderators that includes the following information: the position that you wish to be considered for, a brief summary of your experience in the game, and a statement of your objectives or proposals for the role if you are appointed. No more than a few sentences will be necessary in these applications.

No hard deadline has been set for applications and we will not appoint a player until we are confident that we have a candidate capable of fulfilling the duties outlined in the Game Rules however we are setting an initial date of 30 October 2020 for players to submit their applications. After this time there is no guarantee that you will be considered for either position. Players are welcome to apply for both positions though you may wish to state a preference.

If you have questions then please contact a Moderator, good luck to all players who seek to apply.
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