Notice: Leaving the game

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Notice: Leaving the game

Postby jamescfm » Tue Mar 02, 2021 8:21 pm

For the sake of everyone involved, I will keep this as brief as possible. Following an incident in the middle of last week, I have decided to resign from the Moderation team and cease playing the game indefinitely. From even before Auditorii was appointed as a Moderator, myself and a group of long term players have made clear that he is totally ill-equipped to manage this community but our advice has been largely ignored.

In the past eight months, Auditorii's behaviour has alternated between mildly frustrating and actively damaging to the game. Last week things hit a new low though, when he openly rejected a ruling I had issued dismissing a role-play law in Dorvik and suggested that it was the result of "suspicious circumstances". Behaviour of this kind from a member of the Moderation team is absolutely unacceptable.

If you believe your co-Moderator has made a bad decision then the right thing to do is either to raise the issue with them directly, or to take the matter to the game's creator Wouter. In the time since this incident, Auditorii has never retracted his comments and has not even acknowledged that he did anything wrong. When I took the matter to Wouter to request that he deal with it, the response was that no action would be taken against him.

Despite having very well-known objections to working with Auditorii, I have done so for several months on the basis that it was in the interest of the game and the community. In this time, I believe that I have brought positive change though I will not pretend that the overall position of the game has improved since I was appointed. When it became clear that this flagrant disregard for the basic rules of the game was going to be tolerated and that Auditorii would receive no sanction for his conduct, I felt I had no choice but to resign my position immediately.

No doubt some players will welcome my departure, not least of all Auditorii himself, but it is just not worth my time or energy to continue to deal with this mess. Though I would like to see this game rebuild, that is never going to be possible if members of the Moderation team can ignore the rules whenever they please. Hopefully things will change in the future but for the mean time, I wish everyone in the community well.
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