A Battle Unseen

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Re: A Battle Unseen

Postby wimpwampwomp » Thu Jun 24, 2021 10:17 am

April 10, 4955
4th Army Field Headquarters
Hyeokjin Metropolis, Kyo Communist Councilist Republic, Union of Communist Councilist Republics

"Ah, shit."

"Quiet. You no speak," the Rowiet offficer barked in bad Kunikata.

Okabe looked up at the Rowiet. He couldn't quite tell what kind of Rowiet he was in the shadows. The commie's Kunikata was too bad to betray an accent either. "Well, at least bandage my arm. As you can see, it's bleeding, because your man here fucking shot it." He vaguely waved at the culprit, a trigger-happy Draddwyr who seemed to be just out of high school. The young soldier glowered, his hand at rest on his pistol.

A moment of hesitation. Then the officer said something in his native language, too quiet to discern, and nodded to a medic, who promptly dressed the wound.

After that, the officer still loomed over the wounded lieutenant general.

"Well, are you going to take me prisoner?" Okabe asked, too tired to be indignant.

"First one thing, then you go prison."

And so, Lieutenant General Okabe Sanetane, Demon of Seidō, faithful servant of the Emperor of Gao-Soto, commander of the 4th Army of Group North of the Imperial Army, and the terror of Rowiets all over the Kyo Peninsula, sighed and said those fateful words: "I, and the rest of the 4th Army, surrender."

He put his hands up. "Now let me just email my general."
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Re: A Battle Unseen

Postby wimpwampwomp » Sat Jun 26, 2021 2:43 pm

September 21, 4957

Fujiramoto Shrine, Fujiramoto, Yokotori Subprefecture, Hilgar Prefecture, Gao-Soto

The sounds of autumn
The falling leaves, dim birdsong
Are joined soon by death

"Sir!" a bodyguard - what was his name? - said as he barged in, the sound of distant gunfire slipping through the momentarily opened doorway. "The enemy is closing in. Should we evacuate by helicop -"

Spring, o joyous spring
Seems to follow, unhindered


By coming winter.

There it was.
"No," Tanigawa calmly replied. "The Rowiets were parachuted in; they almost certainly have air superiority. Rescue will not come."
The guard looked crestfallen. Disappointed. "I see...would you like to do it with my gun?"
"I will not."
"Then wi -"
"I will not do it at all."
The remorse on the guard's face was gradually replaced by a quiet confusion. "What do you mean, sir?"
Tanigawa placed a hand on the helmet, and ever so slowly donned it and ever so slowly stood up with every ounce the tigerlike grace of the samurai of old. The ancient armor seemed to lift him up just as much as it weighed him down. He gave one look at his bodyguard, and unsheathed his katana.
"Tell the men to form up behind me in the entry corridor.
"It's time."
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Re: A Battle Unseen

Postby Liukupukki » Sat Jul 17, 2021 10:07 pm

September 29th, 4968
10PM Gemun Time
Chong Hala-i Laundromat, Gemun Way 17 B, East-Gemun, Khani, Bianjie

I flipped the sign on the window of my laundromat, from "open" to "closed" I turn off the lights.
I rush downstairs, I must open the backdoor, the Eastside Gemuners are coming to meet me about something important.
I click open the lock on my door and open it.

"Don't move" Shouted the man at me. Shit! it's Ghanbo, only the president of the largest criminal organization in east side Gemun.
"I have a proposal" he says to me, while pointing a handgun directly at my face "let's go inside" I reply
We step inside my cellar, I offer him some tea, but he refused. "I am not here for tea time. You know what to do" Ghanbo handed me a gun and a note.

I hate having to worship these criminals, but it's the only way I can afford rent outside of communes. I step outside from my lousy apartment in the east side slums.
It seems the Gemun Gang has invaded our turf. He would surely find me if I won't show them what happens when they fuck with us. I walk towards the address he gave me.
I hate to cross the line, but it seems I am headed to west Gemun. That's the turf of the Gemun Gang, and not to mention, the cops.

The house is near, I can already see it. I sigh and kick the door in. "Get down on the floor, faces to the carpet!"
I shout very loudly. I see a woman holding a small child, perhaps an infant hit the deck. A man runs from the left, equipped with a kitchen knife.
"Get the fuck out of my house!" he shouts as he's charging at me. I shoot him before he reaches me. Great, now my shoes are dirty.

The woman shouts "You won't get away with this, you monster!" I had no other options but to pull the trigger.
I had to leave the now orphan child alone, I can't shoot a baby, the Eastsiders can't be mad for that, it's just a baby.
It pains me to think whatever happened to that child. No parents, no nothing.

I run back to eastside, before the law catches me. It's only a short stroll home from the line between the west and east
Once I open my door, Ghanbo is still sitting there, with a cigar in his hand. "You left him, didn't you?" He asks, looking dead serious.
"N-No- s-sir" I managed to stutter. "I'd beg to differ" he replied. He puts a knife on my throat and whispers into my ear "Don't lie to me. Ever."

Everything fades to black, I can't hear or see anything. Is this where I meet the saviour?
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