A Battle Unseen

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Re: A Battle Unseen

Postby wimpwampwomp » Thu Jun 24, 2021 10:17 am

April 10, 4955
4th Army Field Headquarters
Hyeokjin Metropolis, Kyo Communist Councilist Republic, Union of Communist Councilist Republics

"Ah, shit."

"Quiet. You no speak," the Rowiet offficer barked in bad Kunikata.

Okabe looked up at the Rowiet. He couldn't quite tell what kind of Rowiet he was in the shadows. The commie's Kunikata was too bad to betray an accent either. "Well, at least bandage my arm. As you can see, it's bleeding, because your man here fucking shot it." He vaguely waved at the culprit, a trigger-happy Draddwyr who seemed to be just out of high school. The young soldier glowered, his hand at rest on his pistol.

A moment of hesitation. Then the officer said something in his native language, too quiet to discern, and nodded to a medic, who promptly dressed the wound.

After that, the officer still loomed over the wounded lieutenant general.

"Well, are you going to take me prisoner?" Okabe asked, too tired to be indignant.

"First one thing, then you go prison."

And so, Lieutenant General Okabe Sanetane, Demon of Seidō, faithful servant of the Emperor of Gao-Soto, commander of the 4th Army of Group North of the Imperial Army, and the terror of Rowiets all over the Kyo Peninsula, sighed and said those fateful words: "I, and the rest of the 4th Army, surrender."

He put his hands up. "Now let me just email my general."
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Re: A Battle Unseen

Postby wimpwampwomp » Sat Jun 26, 2021 2:43 pm

September 21, 4957

Fujiramoto Shrine, Fujiramoto, Yokotori Subprefecture, Hilgar Prefecture, Gao-Soto

The sounds of autumn
The falling leaves, dim birdsong
Are joined soon by death

"Sir!" a bodyguard - what was his name? - said as he barged in, the sound of distant gunfire slipping through the momentarily opened doorway. "The enemy is closing in. Should we evacuate by helicop -"

Spring, o joyous spring
Seems to follow, unhindered


By coming winter.

There it was.
"No," Tanigawa calmly replied. "The Rowiets were parachuted in; they almost certainly have air superiority. Rescue will not come."
The guard looked crestfallen. Disappointed. "I see...would you like to do it with my gun?"
"I will not."
"Then wi -"
"I will not do it at all."
The remorse on the guard's face was gradually replaced by a quiet confusion. "What do you mean, sir?"
Tanigawa placed a hand on the helmet, and ever so slowly donned it and ever so slowly stood up with every ounce the tigerlike grace of the samurai of old. The ancient armor seemed to lift him up just as much as it weighed him down. He gave one look at his bodyguard, and unsheathed his katana.
"Tell the men to form up behind me in the entry corridor.
"It's time."
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Re: A Battle Unseen

Postby Liukupukki » Sat Jul 17, 2021 10:07 pm

September 29th, 4968
10PM Gemun Time
Chong Hala-i Laundromat, Gemun Way 17 B, East-Gemun, Khani, Bianjie

I flipped the sign on the window of my laundromat, from "open" to "closed" I turn off the lights.
I rush downstairs, I must open the backdoor, the Eastside Gemuners are coming to meet me about something important.
I click open the lock on my door and open it.

"Don't move" Shouted the man at me. Shit! it's Ghanbo, only the president of the largest criminal organization in east side Gemun.
"I have a proposal" he says to me, while pointing a handgun directly at my face "let's go inside" I reply
We step inside my cellar, I offer him some tea, but he refused. "I am not here for tea time. You know what to do" Ghanbo handed me a gun and a note.

I hate having to worship these criminals, but it's the only way I can afford rent outside of communes. I step outside from my lousy apartment in the east side slums.
It seems the Gemun Gang has invaded our turf. He would surely find me if I won't show them what happens when they fuck with us. I walk towards the address he gave me.
I hate to cross the line, but it seems I am headed to west Gemun. That's the turf of the Gemun Gang, and not to mention, the cops.

The house is near, I can already see it. I sigh and kick the door in. "Get down on the floor, faces to the carpet!"
I shout very loudly. I see a woman holding a small child, perhaps an infant hit the deck. A man runs from the left, equipped with a kitchen knife.
"Get the fuck out of my house!" he shouts as he's charging at me. I shoot him before he reaches me. Great, now my shoes are dirty.

The woman shouts "You won't get away with this, you monster!" I had no other options but to pull the trigger.
I had to leave the now orphan child alone, I can't shoot a baby, the Eastsiders can't be mad for that, it's just a baby.
It pains me to think whatever happened to that child. No parents, no nothing.

I run back to eastside, before the law catches me. It's only a short stroll home from the line between the west and east
Once I open my door, Ghanbo is still sitting there, with a cigar in his hand. "You left him, didn't you?" He asks, looking dead serious.
"N-No- s-sir" I managed to stutter. "I'd beg to differ" he replied. He puts a knife on my throat and whispers into my ear "Don't lie to me. Ever."

Everything fades to black, I can't hear or see anything. Is this where I meet the saviour?
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Re: A Battle Unseen

Postby alaskancrabpuffs21 » Sun Aug 29, 2021 5:27 am

Presidential Palace
November 23rd 4989
Doressa, Narikaton and Darnussia

The new president of the Confederation was restless. He had been anxious and made sure no one was around during this hour. He knew he had to do this. They had done so much to help him. It is all that he and his party could do to to repay them. He sat down put his glasses on the large desk in front of him and pulled out a cigar. He unwrinkled the end of it and lit it. It made a smell that he knew too well. He sat down closed his eyes and took a large drag from it.

Suddenly someone knocked on the door. The knocking was faint but the President knew who it was. He opened the door and in stepped a tall women. She wore a black suit. She took off her jacket showing her red hair piled neatly on top of her head. She had piercing black eyes. She was smoking a cigarette and took off her gloves putting them on the president's desk.

"You did good work", The President said in a quiet tone. "Elections went off smoothly without any problems. Those socialists will never be able to see power ever again". He took another drag from his cigar. "It is truly amazing how you amassed so many people. So many people to "count" ballots. It is as if the Socialists never had any supporters.

She nodded and then said "Well Mr. President you and the country know me as a honest businesswomen, someone who has worked her way up from poor street girl into a multi billionaire. However I have my ways of getting what I want done". She looked at him with a smirk and then said "I see you have something for me"?

"Yes" said the President handing the briefcase to her. "My party and I cannot thank you enough for your work. You have saved your country madam Kalvenhaar. You will be able to reap the rewards of a new more open country free from socialism".

"I know dear" she said walking out of the room in stride. She stopped at the door and turned around and looked at the room for a minute "I will be back here, she promised to herself. I wanna run this country some day. I think I would make a great president".

The President nodded in agreement "I think you would too".

Without a word she walked out the door leaving the President in silence once again. He leaned back in his chair and sighed. He did it! He was now President of the Confederation and no one suspected a thing! He had done a great campaign and shocked the socialists!
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Re: A Battle Unseen

Postby alaskancrabpuffs21 » Wed Sep 08, 2021 7:23 pm

Parliament Strasse, Aikums, Dolgava March 1st 4995 16:00 local time

Men and women had been shuffling into this bar for many hours now. They all sat around drinking very little but seemingly waiting for someone. The mood seemed like a funeral however everyone there had a purpose for being there. If you paid any attention to the bar you would see the closed sign on the door. Maybe you would also see the curtains drawn inside. The bar trying to appear closed. Mumbled talking barely audible could be heard. The people in the bar were a collection of politicians, local leaders and several heavily armed militia leaders.

In walked a gruff man, He was huge having the duck through the short doorway. He sat at the bar and ordered a tall beer. Then he turned to the audience and spoke in a gruff sandpaper like voice.

"Well thank you all for being here. I know that you all have busy schedules but I wanted to get you all here. As we all know, this current regime is very unpopular. It is something to push progressive policies but for a Prime Minister to be inactive and not speaking to anyone in months. This is why we need to restart the Dolgava Conservative Party. I know all your life's you have been told how this party is "fascist" and evil, however that is complete bullshit.

Most of us are not good at politics. This is why I have found a perfect face for our party. She has spent her childhood in Tropica and emigrated to Dolgava at the age of 5. She retains here heritage of being a Tropican-Dolgavan however she truly believes in conservative values. She will be the PM that Dolgava needs and will draw moderates and even liberal voters to our cause just because she is an immigrant.

Now the current PM will be resisting us. However I believe the rural and urban voters will come out to support us. Also a new group that will support us is the youth. They are tired of the old man who keeps being absent from reality. We will storm to victory. However I expect a not very peaceful exchange in power that is why I am going to be asking that militias form to make sure that we win no matter what! As you all know the time has not come however we have our Prime Minister and our movement is growing fast. We are close to achieving freedom but we must continue to work hard and fight hard. I ask you all to continue to support this movement. We are the future of this nation!"

With that the room went silent and the speaker left the bar followed by the other patrons. Soon the bar was empty and the street filled with dispersing people.
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Re: A Battle Unseen

Postby wimpwampwomp » Thu Sep 09, 2021 1:27 am

April 15, 4995
The Vatervondrem Waryüd Center for the Fine arts
Kien, Hulstria and Gao-Soto

The scaffolding had already appeared in the front of a building like a rash, the buzzing of tools filling the air. Ferdinand took a double take. "What's going on?"
No one spoke up. Ferdinand repeated himself. "What's going on?!"
The foreman appeared out of nowhere, sweating a little. "Uh, Minister, we're just...we're just carrying out the renovation of the center."
"Wh - the renaming proposal hasn't even been passed by the Diet yet!"
"Well. I mean, Herr Leistner, is it really going to be turned down by anyone? Besides, there's so much to do."
"Like what?"
"Well, for starters..." - the foreman pointed in the direction of the impressive portico, which Ferdinand had to admit never had been quite in keeping with the Front ideal - "...the inscription on the portico roof is long. Very long."
"What does it say again?"
Jesus, is that what Meiji had written? Good thing the old fascist geezer is dead. "Okay, that's enough."
"It's written in Blackletter, and most of it consists of identical up-and-down minims connected to each other in different places. Not only is it illegible and ostentatious, but there are Kunikata, Hulstro-Mikun, and Selucian translations as well. Just this will take a while. We can't afford to wait for the Diet approval we both know is guaranteed."
Well, the foreman sure made a fair point. "Well, you...sure make a fair point. Carry on."
"Yes, Minister."
And so the endeavor to chip away at Yarwood's legacy continued inexorably on.
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Re: A Battle Unseen

Postby XanderOne » Wed Dec 22, 2021 3:20 am

17 April 5047, 20.40 circa,
Countryside around Reggio Ingris

Most of the guests invited to the party had already arrived in the ancient villa that stood among the pleasant and gentle hills of the southern plateau crossed by the Rocciante river, in the heart of Fidelia, and in the great hall, richly decorated with centuries-old frescoes, the waiters wandered among the numerous guests offering canapés and aperitifs.

Near one of the windows overlooking the gardens, rich in hedges and shrubs finely organized and pruned following precise and elegant geometric patterns, Giovanni Maria Brunori della Scala was entertaining himself flanked by his wife with the hostess, a very elegant but also quite elderly grand lady, wrapped in a black silk dress, with lace and long pleated chiffon skirt embellished with silver embroidery and gray pearls, like her hair styled and held up by a platinum and pearl tiara.

"you did eventually arrive on time Honorable Brunori"
"heated discussions during today's parliamentary session, actually I was hoping to have the opportunity to hold back, but... what to say when government and opposition are indistinguishable from each other, it is increasingly difficult to find receptive ears to our proposals"
"I immagine... a really sad situation"
"a situation that risks getting worse and worse, I'm afraid"
"that's gonna be tough... worse than this?"
"I think it's already getting worse!" exclaimed a man also approaching the window.
"Santuzzo!" Brunori greeted him warmly shaking his hand and then turning to the old lady "allow me to introduce you to an old friend of mine, the Division Admiral Santuzzo De Lellis, from the Department of Military Intelligence"
"I'm very honored Your Highness!" he exclaimed presenting an elegant hand kiss.
"Be careful with the words Santuzzo" a new voice said, giggling, a woman wrapped in a long istalia-blue silk dress "Air Brigade General Lucrezia Marini, I'm very pleased" the newcomer reached out to the old lady.
"the pleasure is all mine, I'm glad you both accepted my invitation"
At that moment a waiter appeared from a door and solemnly announced that the guests could approach the adjoining room to take a seat at the table.

Brunori sat with his wife next to Admiral De Lellis and in front of General Marini, also accompanied respectively by wife and husband, not too far from the hostess. Initially they talked about this and that and worldly issues, but then, after the first course, Brunori approached De Lellis with his head and asked discreetly:
"So Santuzzo, tell me... what's the situation?"
"There is a lot of agitation. I met the Chief of Defense Staff after lunch, he had returned from a meeting of the Joint Operational High Command which he had met after meeting with the Minister of Defense to expose his doubts about the bill by the League"
"What feedback did he get from the Minister?" Brunori asked with a disillusioned expression.
"the tones were... harsh, the atmosphere very cold"
"obviously..." sighed Brunori "and the chiefs of staff of the various armed forces?"
"there are those who are already filling the boxes to free the office, like General Casu, and there are those who instead seem to be ready to sharpen their saber"
"like who?" Brunori asked this time in a serious and worried tone.
"Khashoggi and Tarquini for example"
"Navy and Gendarmerie..." he was silent for a few seconds before continuing "the Air Force?"
"Lucrezia is here, what do you think? It was General Sangiorgio to send her here"
"and you?"
"I can't blame Kashoggi and Tarquini but I'm perfectly aware of the fact that right now any action would be risky and fruitless"
"action? Have any proposals really popped up for some kind of action?" Brunori looked more and more worried at his friend.
"Giovanni... they are stacking the benjies... and at the end the rubber band can pops, but as I told you I do not agree with those positions, and neither does the Chief of Defense Staff"
"he had to keep them quiet, the last thing we need now is..."
"yes but he agrees with them about another proposal"
"resignation en masse, but on the other hand we will be all without a job shortly" chuckled bitterly, shaking his head the general before sending already a sip of wine.
"Don't you think that both the League and the Front will be happy?"
"certainly, but then for their new armies they will have to find someone to place there and... well... you know that I always keep myself updated and... among the rest of the officers there is also a lot of discontent"
"and the troop?"
"the good old principles are steadfast but now also the new ideas are starting to make their way, those sons of bitches have managed to place here and there several people loyal to them, sergeants and corporals in almost all the military schools that are more concerned with propaganda than training. But... they could find themselves unemployed at any moment... low wages for years, cuts after cuts that have reduced the staff to the bone, constant criticism from the authorities, communist authorities, you can immagine how the troop love them... so there is also discontent among the troops. Relatively, do you think the government can force officers and soldiers to be relocated into the two armies? "
"I don't think so! Here there is no mention of a reorganization, they want to dissolve the Armed Forces of Istalia and reconstitute new armed forces. The military have sworn under the banner of the Armed Forces of Istalia, and among other things they want to totally abolish any form of military service, they will not be able to force anyone"
"I hope then they thought for adequate pensions and severance pay... if they don't want to find soldiers even more pissed off than they already are under the windows of their ministries"
"unfortunately, as I said to the Princess, we have a government and an opposition that go hand in hand and it is assumed that they will continue to discuss with each other behind closed doors, still many details of the bill have not been illustrated"
"mmm..." the General nodded before to look at the old lady and asked to Brunori "does she always call herself Princess?"
"from close friends... I don't remember if they integrated the title as part of the surname... I don't remember if it was the title or the place of the title they had... in any case they brought it back into the sphere of private family law"
At that moment the second course finally arrived, a parade of dozens and dozens of dishes of larded red partridge with chestnuts, pumpkin, morel sauce and black truffle, as reported on the menu carnet.
"look at this!" the General widened his eyes "for that one it seems that two hundred years have not passed... the depression, the economic collapse..."
"the family has protected itself more than well from that point of view, the largest investments are now out of the country and the highest rents come from abroad"
"I wonder why she still stay here... all the other relatives live around the world... doesn't all those Communists scarry her?"
"You know I was already invited to her dinner two months ago, right? On that occasion I had more or less touched on the same topic and do you know what she replied? We didn't even leave when they abolished the Empire, we continued to live here for another four generations and I'll be darned if I give them the satisfaction of dying away from my home"
"the granny is fierce... and she apparently wanted to see you again" he added with a half smile "I think she wants to invest money in other types of activities"
"to which I cannot even approach by mistake, even if... there are other way to make them bear fruit, but it is not only useful for that. Look at all the guests tonight, the one to whom the Front or the League is most sympathetic would like to spit in their face"
"yes... interesting dinners... I hope you will be able to put in a good word every time for me too... if only because the food is great and you can't even find some stuff in a luxury restaurant, and this wine!"
"eh... what we did to ourselves my old friend" Brunori chuckled with irony as he looked at his friend with a certain bitterness as the waiters refilled his glass, a faded legacy of a lifestyle of yesteryear that now in the country few remembered and even fewer could still afford.
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Re: A Battle Unseen

Postby XanderOne » Thu Jan 13, 2022 10:34 pm

18 August 5058, 14.30 circa,
Restaurant Dal Moretto,
Via di Santa Marziale, Colsamia, Community of Quanzar

The choirs of the demonstrators came like roars spreading between the crossroads not far from the Palace of the Res Publica. The restaurant had not been full as usual for several weeks but there was still the comings and goings of employees who worked in the surrounding offices, banks, insurance companies, accountants, lawyers, etc... before it was usual to see also public employees who worked in the Federal Assembly and attached offices, but since the demonstrations had begun they had been the first to stop coming.

The table next to the desserts and soda refrigerators was occupied by two men enjoying a carbonara. Both in their 50s or 60s, the lighter-skinned one wore a black polo shirt and white pants while the other one a short-sleeved blue shirt over cream-colored trousers, like the light jacket he'd put on the back of his chair.

When the first saw a beautiful auburn-haired woman entering the restaurant, he nudged the elbow of the other who looked up, put down her fork and took another sip from the goblet of red wine.
"she finally arrived" said the one in the black polo shirt.
They followed her with the eyes until she was near the table where she greeted them both and then she sat down.
"sorry for the delay but between the people and the police blocks the traffic is haywire and eventually we came on foot from Viale delle Milizie"
At the "we" both men looked up at some tables close to the entrance where three men and two women had taken their seats and who had entered the restaurant a couple before the woman and the others after.
"don't you think it's a little dangerous meet here... so close to..."
"the closer you are and the less visible you are and then... in the middle of this mess... anyway, didn't the lady come back to town?" the one in the shirt, not too enthusiastic, asked.
"no, she stayed on the island, Giacone will stay there for another week and she is organizing another demonstration in Pontolash for the day after tomorrow"
"I think we were clear Miss Silvani"
"the lady sent me instead of her"
"tell the lady that we are not here to make only the beautiful figurines to look good in some photos next to her"
"the lady apologizes so much and is aware of how important your participation is"
"You should also know that we don't move in person because we dislike phones or because we like to go on trips"
"but above all, you" the one in black polo shirt continued "we told her that the fewer intermediaries, the better"
"yet you make extensive use of 'postmen', De Lellis, Nazzari ... the last one... the woman, Al Sisi"
"They are all people we blindly trust, whom we have known for decades, professionals," the one in blue shirt cut short angrily.
"Don't you trust the protection you have 'kindly' provided us?" the woman nodded her head towards the men sitting at the entrance "they are more than scrupulous, even too... invasive"
"This is not a fundraiser Miss Eridani, but no more chatter, we wanted to see the lady to give her some good news"
"so let's hear"
"with the chaos that is around and the current state of the Defense, for the order service they fielded all the available forces of the Federal Gendarmerie and even the Defense deposits remained with a minimum security, not to mention the storage depots for the decommissioned equipment"
The woman remained silent for a few seconds with both an interested and a worried look.
"the... the lady... I think she will be happy to know this"
"you think?" almost growled the man in the black polo shirt "the lady doesn't make things easy for us, you know? We're tired of all this indecision"
"You said that this is not about organizing a fundraiser, right? What the hell are you expecting? You are elusive, you want to know everything and then if we ask questions you shut us up"
"because you have to think about demonstrations, electoral campaigns, fundraising, the real ones, nothing that could send you to jail... or worse" warned her the man in blue shirt.
"with the nice favor that the League gave us a few years ago" the one in black polo resumed "the Federal Government does not even have a hundredth of the intelligence capabilities of the past but with the mess of these months they are reorganizing and if until now you complained that you know little, from today you will know even less and we will meet even less, but above all, from today also among you you will have to reduce to a minimum the people who know this story"
"We have just to take orders from you now then?"
"We would really like to know which side are you on and what you want? All this is necessary and it's time to roll up our sleeves! The rest of us are tired! We've been despised for years, you know what it means looking for a job and then being told regularly 'no thanks' because employers fears repercussions or are directly adviced to avoid us? Not all of us were admirals or generals like the two of us! Fortunately for me and for Manwar we still had our acquaintances here, but there are thousand of people who have to suffer such humiliations every day! And what do those bastards believe? They think that we don't know that when looking for a job somewhere often the employer receives 'short but clear' calls from well known 'friends'? Do you know how many 'fiscal control' there were all over Alaria in the last 5 years?"
"not to mention some solentians who dare to spit in the face of people who had sworn to give their lives to defend the country that feeds them!" the man in the blue shirt added with hushed tone.
"listen... we are all on the same side and the lady is well aware of all these humiliations you have suffered"
"and then the lady should put aside the hesitation and... trust us" he concluded in a cutting tone.
"Do you also treat the other ones like this?"
"the others?"
"Should we believe that you have no relationship with them?"
"You too have seen that too often they have been too complacent, right? The lady did not hide her disappointment last July after the elections, it was you who split up from them, right?"
"and have you severed all contact? Should we believe it?"
"Miss Eridani, you ask too many questions, we had just talked about it and in any case our time is up" the man in the black polo shirt took a pair of sunglasses out of the pocket of the shirt which he put on getting up while the other began to put on his jacket.
"Now you go back to the lady and just tell her to expect a lot of excitement in the upper floors soon, there shall be smiles when they will have to admit that they 'missed' something here and there, and the great thing is that they will never ever figure what's missing! I think they still believe that the reports and the inventories on the dismised equipements they had are reliable and truthful!" concluded chuckling the man in polo who, before walking towards the exit followed by the other one, said naively to the woman:
"try the carbonara Miss Eridani, it's great!"
He smiled and then the two left, without too much haste, shortly followed by a man and a woman who had remained seated at two other tables until then, perfectly mixed with the rest of the clientele of employees and lawyers.
All five people who had arrived with Miss Eridani remained mostly impassive but when the two men passed by, though imperceptible, they nodded and crossed their eyes with them.
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Re: A Battle Unseen

Postby XanderOne » Fri Feb 25, 2022 12:43 am

1 September 5079, 23.20,
HQ of Blue Flame Party,
Viale Alessandro I Imperatore, Romula

The party for the anniversary of the founding of the First Istalian Empire which for some time had been held every year on September 1st at the Bue Flame headquarters was now over and most of the guests had left.

Despite the tensions that was shaking the country, there, like in small or large cities and in the homes of citizens, they still tried to go on with everyday life and the Blue Flame party also had every intention to be seen resolutely firm in his positions and ready to challenge, even with those gestures, those who formed the ranks of the movements promoting revolution and anti-istalianism.

In one of the rooms on the upper floors, two men were finishing their last bottle of bubbles sitting on comfortable leather armchairs, lit only by a floor lamp and the city lights streaming through the two windows.

"Really Muhammad, thanks for stopping by, I wasn't hoping for it anymore" said the blond man as soon as he pulled his lips from the crystal flute.
"I decided only at the last minute" replied the majatran istalian in his fifties sitting in the other chair "I would never come here today with all these people if it weren't for the meeting with the Defense and Security Committee. I hope there are no cameras in the building"
"no, don't worry and nobody saw you either in the parking lot or in the corridor or the elevator, I sent Luisa on purpose, I trust her. Anyway... Corrado and Antonietta told me how they treated you at the Committee"
"those sons of bitches... what they hoped to hear from the Chief of Defense Staff asking what I thought of their foolish plans? Especially those by Insieme... they should be hung one by one on each lamppost from here to Magliano"
"what determination!" laughed the blond raising his glass to the sky.
"It's hard to stay in the ranks with those people making good and bad weather in the country"
"at least the skirmishes between them have allowed you to stay in your place"
"but not for long, with that disgusting reform all the General Staffs of the entire Defense will be the first ones to be gutted! Thinking about it probably I still worry too much not to be seen here given the situation"
"I guess... however we opposed it and we are opposing it until the last but if they really want those militias we will not stand by and watch! We still don't know how they want to regulate them but I assure you that if those motherfuckers try to create their own personal militia we will not be outdone! And you will have a guaranteed place here"
"otherwise you can be sure that none of us and most part of the troop will join any of those "democratic" fucking militias"
"I hope you will keep in touch with those who will remain in the armed forces"
"They will select very well who will stay and who will leave but they should send everyone home again to really get us out of the way" he chuckled, swallowing another gulp.
"in the meantime we will continue to work with the PCI, they will be communists but they are istalians to the bone"
"Instalians to the bone but for my taste they are granting too much to those bloody dogs"
"they try not to let the country slide into the revolution and try to calm the minds, this too is to be acknowledged: they are the only ones still with a some sense into them"
"you don't seem to be part of that group either" the General chuckled and then added with some irony "you certainly don't do much to calm people down"
"I told you: the PCI is already taking care of it" he replied in kind, smiling and then continuing becoming serious "we must stand up to these possessed, by all means! If they think they scare us by making a big voice we will make it even bigger!"
"you make ignite my troops Michele!" he chuckled again "there are people eager to do something and the Emperor has already talking me about it at a couple of meetings"
"Gregoretti, His military adviser, has contacts at all levels of the Defense, I know him very well and is always damned well informed about internal moods and the Emperor has already told me outright that the last thing he wants is to see the military trying to do something"
"It's good: after Tivoli it's the last thing the country and us need! I always wonder what the hell went through his head at the time"
"he would be happy to know that you agree with him"
"the Emperor?"
"He never refrains from making several comments about you too"
"really? Always the usual words seasoned with abundant poison?"
"what do you expect? You weren't too kind to Him"
"He cares about his throne, I have to save an entire country, an entire civilization and all his legacy! Something He has to do anyway..."
"you always lose your mind when you talk about him! What do you want Him to do? He can't do anything and with all those ridiculous accusations of illegality, exposing himself now would be crazy, He would be attacked by any side! You should have a chat with Sarjani you know?"
"you preferred him too, right?" he asked her, growling angrily.
"Michele, Michele... don't worry"
"do you know Ahmed keeps rooting against me behind the scenes? Do you know? And there are people who still pay attention to him! But at least I had the satisfaction of telling him "I told you" when we saw again these traitors on the streets. We had to resume the first imperial constitution! We had to at least include all the provisions on special powers to the Head of State: we would have shown to those damned traitors!"
"I shouldn't be the one to point out you that a few things have changed"
"do you agree with Ahmed too?"
"Michele please! We don't need a feud between you and Sarjani now and then sorry, it seems to me that you were the first to adapt, right? You are the one who has shown yourself open to the possibility of the Republic with the Communists"
"for Istalia everything!" he replied with sharp coldness.
They remained silent for a few minutes, continuing to sip the sparkling wine, each looking out the windows with a distant gaze, then Corlione put down his glass and asked:
"listen, changing the subject, have you talked to Bellante recently? We need to keep in touch with Deltarian intelligence, you saw what is happening there too, right? And you were calling me crazy too!"
"it is true that they too have suspicions but they couldn't find anything for the moment, I also spoke with the Chief of Staff of the Deltarian Forces and both their civilian and military intelligence couldn't find anything"
"for the moment"
"Do you know how many resources I have diverted to our services in the past years to carry out these investigations? And nothing came out, why should the Deltarians succeed?"
"they have much greater resources than ours"
"I remain of the opinion that we risk waiting indefinitely before we have some shreds of evidence, however..." he broke off smiling.
"I think the Emperor is one of the few who doesn't consider you crazy about this"
"so if he is the one talking about it he's not crazy but I am?"
"he never spoke openly about it to anyone but I deduced it because his staff also asked me many questions about Deltarian intelligence operations and his military adviser let it slip that he had pressured Sarjani to make work our intelligence on the same subject"
"suddenly he is much more sympathetic to me, he is smarter than I thought"
"you've never met him, have you?"
"no, when I wanted to meet him Sarjani never allowed me: I was not presentable enough to be seen with the Emperor, he said"
"now you are in his place, you have reformed the party as you wanted, let focus on the goals and not on Sarjani"
"you said it! I'm in his place now and if we managed to get those seats in parliament it was thanks to me, if we managed to keep the Communists good it was thanks to me! Ahmed has always been a moderate but he was not willing to talk with the PCI, he was more concerned about the Crown than the Fatherland"
"don't you think you're a little unfair?"
"unfair? It was for years the President of that fucking Union of Quanzar and Alaria without doing anything!"
"nothing? Identity and Unity has steadily increased its support and while the separatists lost ground, the Quanzarian League ended up dissolving and in the end: who re-established the Empire?"
"ah yes, a really nice job! Look what's happening now!" he raised his voice angrily "we had to ban them, hunt them and put them all up against the wall before those fucking terrorists reorganized!"
"am I wrong or you said you didn't want reckless actions a little while ago?"
"now it would be a political suicide, we had to act when we had the chance and Sarjani..."
"enough with this broken record! You're crying over spilled milk now and in any case the Emperor would have opposed it then as he opposes it today"
Corlione just answered with an annoyed nod, then poured the last drop left into the bottle and quickly drank it in one gulp.
"my visit seems to have bothered you more than anything else, so..." the general stood up and reached out to the jacket that he had placed on a third sofa nearby.
"no, no... Muhammad... I was extremely pleased that you came, really! Your support is very important! If this gets worse we all know how useful you will be, you and all the rest of the real patriots who believe in the cause"
"so let's focus on the cause and put aside the internal feuds! Anyway I have really to go: I had told my wife that I would not be late and she was already not happy when I left... there were my children and all my grandchildren at dinner and I left them without even eating dessert"
"say hello to Anna then"
"and you say hello to Romina, how is she?" he asked putting on his jacket as Corlione got up to bring him to the door.
"with the nausea better, but now he has certain cravings that make me go crazy: can you believe that the other day he asked me to look for kiwis? Kiwis in this season!"
"with the first child it is like this! You will see that with the others it will go much better, and in any case don't complain so much now: you will see when you will have to wake up at 3 am for the bottle or when you will not sleep just when he has colic or will put his teeth"
They walked to the door smiling and before leaving the general took the coppola cap and then put on some dark glasses.
"see you next Muhammad"
"see you next time" he shook his hand adding before leaving "focus on the cause, think about the child you will have and what country you want to leave him"
"I do it every day Muhammad! Every day"
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Re: A Battle Unseen

Postby Rogue » Fri Feb 25, 2022 8:45 pm

4th March 5080, 23.50,
Bovato, Solentia

*Missiles fly overhead* "Haneef!!!!" a women screams the name of her son as missiles suddenly fly overhead, destination unknown, as no impact can be heard. "Haneef please come here" says the women as she runs towards her son. She clamps him between her arms and runs inside the house, hiding him in bed as she looks out of the window as the last of the barrage fly overhead. "Junaid what is happening?!" says the women as her husband stares in disbelieve. The family had attempted to flee to Istalia, but were stopped by militias loyal to the regime. He still has marks on his forehead and neck, testament of the beatings he received for trying to send his family accross the border. "Junaid we cant do this anymore. We cant! What if one of those missiles hit the house huh? What if Haneef got killed! I dont care if they shoot me at the border i want our son out of here!"

Outside the village
As the missiles fly overhead the sound of the sea below the village can be heard. Peacefull, despite the nation it belongs to falling to dictatorship. Peacefull, despite missiles flying overhead. "Hurry up!" whispers a voice into the abyss of the ocean, "the patrol can be here in any minute". Five shadows appear from the ocean, leaving behind a small boat and emerging from the shadows with what seems to be small arms. "About time, i had received word the mission might get cancelled", "No mission gets cancelled by the nest Amru, its just its nature that changes." says one of the five shadows. All men appear to be from Solentian descent, but one of them starts talking in Daralian, asking the other what the rendeyvous with "The Brothers" might be. "Village up ahead" responds the other. As they make there approach, the five men knock on a door in the village. "Junaid?" says one of them after the door is quickly opened and the men all enter. "Wtf are those missiles? The nests work?" says Junaid, "You know the drill, shut it." says the man seemingly the commander of the bunch. "Do you have the passports?", "I do, but be carefull, militia activity has increased in recent weeks, they are starting to organize more its a real wasp nest." "Well be fine. Your ticket out is down at the beach, make sure you follow the coastline and prevent open ocean, and be quick, once its day there is no hiding."

The men leave the house as Junaid and his family move to the boat. As the men enter a vehicle and drive off into the countryside, they hear yelling and five loud bangs. "Is it.????" says one of them, "Focus, the nest needs its eyes." says the other as they drive off, heading inside Solentia.
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