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Kazulia for D

Postby Maxington » Sun Jan 15, 2017 6:13 pm

Foreign Minister announces Kazulia for D Campaign.
Foreign Minister announces Kazulian campaign for security council; Ketelsen nominated as Candidate.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Karina Waadeland announces in-front of media outlets the commencement of the Kazulia for D Campaign.
May 12th, 4151

Skalm, Dreton- After many years of skepticism and questioning as to launching a campaign for the security council, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced the Kazulia for D campaign. The move comes after the ministry recognized the fact that the Hutorian representative, who represents the regions of Makon, Keris and Dovani until recently decided to intervene, more-so comment on the on-going debacle between Baltusia and Aldegar into the World Congress' General Assembly over matters stemmed from what many political analysts are calling a "title snatch", by the Aldegarian monarchy.

The campaign is slowly gaining momentum as the campaign has also been brought to the Stortinget where it is expected to be debated upon in the coming days. The campaign is hoping to implement a strong emphasis on qualitative diplomacy and the promotion of universal human rights, an ideal which Kazulia has championed for several years. Kazulia for D Campaign Director and incumbent communications director of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Joakim Nicolaysen announced that incumbent Ambassador to the World Congress and Former Foreign Minister, Ellinor Ketelsen will be the Kazulia candidate for the seat.

The reason behind the choice comes as many recognize the fact that Ellinor Ketelsen is a career diplomat and has a vast experience in the field of diplomatic dialogue and mediation. It could be said that Ms. Ketelsen is amongst one of the most effective diplomats in the world due to her long experience in the field. During a press conference Campaign Director, Joakim Nicolaysen announced the reason for the campaign launch.
It is becoming clear that the Federal Republic of Hutori has no interest in represent more-so effectively utilizing their seat and position in the World Congress. The Federal Republic of Hutori has until now decided to offer a comment on the current Aldegar-Baltusia situation. It is ineffective in our minds for the Federal Republic to be a lame duck when they represent three economically, cultural and militarily all-rounded continent. The least they could have done was represent us and let our voice be heard. Instead of approaching the Hutorian representative to the Security Council to advance issues, many nations from the regions of Dovani, Keris and Makon resulted to other means (i.e. asking other representatives who represent other continents/regions).

That is why we are starting this campaign. We plan on truly representing the regions recently stated. We are the most active nation in the General Assembly for the three previously mentioned regions. The Hutorian took years to figure out whether they are going to represent the regions previously mentioned. I would make it clear here, our candidate, Ellinor Ketelsen, a career diplomat, although she is simply our representative to the security council. She still represents the regions of Dovani, Keris and Makon unconditionally. She believes that more can be done to improve the situations which unfold daily in this world of ours. She believes in pragmatic diplomacy and politically secular diplomats. That is what makes a diplomat effective.

Once the campaign receives permission from the Stortinget to advance the ideals of the respective regions, Mr. Nicolaysen and Ms. Ketelsen are expected to visit several countries within the regions of Dovani, Keris, Makon, Artania, Seleya and Majatra, as they attempt to ramp up the popularity of the campaign. It is unclear as to whether the proposal will be derailed in the Stortinget but from what many analysts say, it is expected to pass with flying colours in the Stortinget.
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