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About the Game

Postby Moderation » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:59 pm

Welcome to Particracy Classic, a political simulation game that extends beyond game mechanics through robust and creative roleplay on anything from politics to international affairs, world building, conflicts and organisations of any kind, from a wide community of players.

Getting started

New players are strongly advised to read the Game Rules before diving into the game and the community. You can optionally join the Particracy Classic Discord Server, and even the Particracy Discord Server, if you wanted to. Keep in mind though that roleplaying on Discord is not recognised.

It's very important to note here that having more than 1 active accounts (parties) in the game is forbidden without approval from Moderation. Players found operating multiple active in-game accounts will have their accounts inactivated without warning. Players should also be aware that countries in Particracy Classic have what we call "Cultural Protocols", which apply to both in-game countries and what we call forum-based countries or FBCs. You should make sure your character names, party names and overall roleplay conduct are relevant to your country's culture.

- Got questions or need guidance?
- Stumbled into a technical problem somewhere?
- Want to learn about the culture of each in-game country?
- Interested in exploring forum-based countries?
- Ready to pick up a second account for more roleplay?

There is also an unofficial side-website created by a player of the community, meant to enhance roleplay and the game, not replace it, available here. The game and the forums are also accompanied by the Particracy Wiki, used by players to enhance and track their stories.

Having said all that, the best place to start roleplaying is where players post news, here.

First things first

Playing the game can also include a heavy aspect of roleplay, whether in the game and/or the forums. Having said that, it's important to make a distinction when interacting with other players between Out of Character (OOC) and In Character (IC). A reminder here that Discord roleplay is not recognised, at all.

Here's a quick sitemap of the forums, and where you can find stuff:

- Announcements, where you can stay up to date on what's happening
- OOC, where you can discuss, plan and review roleplay
- Moderation
-- Playing the Game, where you can make requests, view resources and ask questions
-- Creating the Law, where you can propose enhancements to the game's legislative articles
-- Bug Reports, where you can find and report bugs
- IC, where you can post and engage in immersive roleplay

Collaborate with players

Beyond rules and protocols, there are also a set of auxiliary material meant to enhance and promote collaborative roleplay between you and other players. You can generally find them available in the Game Information. These include:

- A guide for naming and renaming things in the game
- An index of natural resources in the fictional world of Terra
- A register of population sizes of countries (as the in-game ones are broken)
- An index of real-life equivalents in the game
- A directory of maps and other assets created by players
- A status of rankings on the "power" level of countries

Even beyond that, some players also release models as part of their immersive roleplay, meant to help other players in an IC context, here.

Tackle supranational affairs

If you're ready to dive into international roleplay, have a look at the available Intergovernmental Organisations, as well as the World Congress, the game's equivalent of a United Nations; both meant to take collaborative roleplay to the next level.

Have fun!
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Re: About the Game

Postby GreekIdiot » Mon Jan 29, 2024 10:56 am

Sitemap & quick links

- Game Rules

- List of tools & services, for additions, here
- Collection of maps
- Discord news bot, for feedback, here, for requests, here

- Population sizes, for feedback, here
- Dynamic rankings, for feedback, here
- Natural resources, for feedback, here

- Real-life equivalents, for feedback, here, for reports, here
- Forum Based Countries (FBCs), for feedback, here, for requests, here
- Cultural Protocols (CPs), for requests, here, for language assistance, here
- Secondary accounts, for requests, here

- Renaming guide, for feedback, here, for requests, here
- More guides

- Ask for early elections, here
- For inactivations, here
- To reactivate your account/party, here
- Request the transfer of characters and entities, here, for religious organisations, here
- Delete or archive bills, here
- To clear treaties, here
- To delete or request leadership of party organisations, here
- For anything general, here, for multiple account suspicions, here, for plagiarism reports, here
- For forum tasks, here
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