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Key Information

Postby Moderation » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:59 pm

Welcome to Paticracy Classic! The purpose of this page and thread is to serve as the central location for all important information about Particracy Classic and the role-play community that surrounds it. If you have any questions about anything included on this page then please do not hesitate to contact a Moderator.

Key information

Below are the most important important links for playing the game. Without some understanding of the information contained on these pages, you may not be able to play the game properly and risk breaking the rules of the game without even realising it.

The key thing that new players should know is that it is absolutely forbidden to operate multiple active in-game accounts (without official approval from Moderation). Players who are suspected of operating multiple accounts will have all accounts immediately inactivated without warning. In addition players should be aware that most countries have "cultural protocols" that specify their cultural background (i.e. ethnic, religious and linguistic demographics). Players should ensure that their character names and party names conform to the relevant cultural protocol of their country.

Useful resources

In addition to the most important information mentioned above, there are a number of other useful resources for new (and returning) players to become familiar with. Below is an outline of some of the most relevant, following each link will lead you to the main page for that resources that will have additional information on the subject.
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