Likatonia for Security Council Seat C

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Likatonia for Security Council Seat C

Postby John Cracker » Wed May 06, 2020 11:37 pm

Likatonia will be a fighting force for small nations, weak nations, and developing nations. Strong nations already make up the vast majority of the Security Council and none of them care or will care about small nations in Terra, I ask for countries to here Likatonias policies and then make there decision about Likatonia.

A Representative for Small Nations:
Likatonia will represent the small powers of Terra, we will represent the weak militaries and small military powers which have been neglected by the Security Council and the World Congress as a whole. We will make sure no nation is neglected no matter how small, the World Congress already failed to take action when there was a humanitarian crisis in North Dovani and now they want to send a force to accompany the investigators in Bianjie, North Dovani got to little atention even when Likatonia urged the World Congress to take action, and now they are taking to much action in Bianjie. Likatonia will offer balance, Likatonia would have sent humanitarian aid to North Dovani and would have taken action in Bianjie, but would have used force as a later option.

Will Still Represent Large Nations:
Likatonai will not only represent Terras smallest, but will listen to, respect, and represent Terras largest and most influential. Likatonia will respect powerful nations, just because we emphasize small nations does not mean we hate the large ones. We will not exploit large nations in order to have the small ones gain, that is as bad as neglecting small nations, instead we strive to help small nations and leave it up to the large ones if they wish to aid as well.

A Reformer:
Likatonia will try to reform the Security Council, we will make it more democratic, we wish to make the General Assembly a lower house that has to approve Security Council resolutions with a majority of members present. However we will not eliminate the Security Councils power, if 2/3rds of the Security Council approve of the resolution then the General Assemblies decision is overturned, either chamber can introduce a resolution it has to pass by a simple a majority in both chambers. This will make the World Congress much more stable with everyone having a voice, and will make it an actual congress.

These are Likatonias top three positions we hope you will consider voting for us.
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