Beiteynu for B: An International Terra for Everyone

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Beiteynu for B: An International Terra for Everyone

Postby TRA » Sun Jan 08, 2023 9:08 pm

Beiteynu for B
An International Terra for Everyone

Hello there, you.

Yes, you. You thought this would be a simple campaign ad, didn't you?

Omer Aristocrat, World Congress Ambassador

Do you want someone to create an accessible, an international, an active Terra?


In less than 40 years:

- Beiteynu reversed its dwindling and corrupt economy
- Beiteynu established relations with +20 nations starting from 0 nations
- Beiteynu created a worldwide Bureau to help spread access to worldwide information
- Beiteynu launched the Terran Wide Web for every citizen of Terra
- Beiteynu solidified the world's first worldwide intelligence network with +30 nations and 6 headquarters across Terra
- Beiteynu brokered 7 different international treaties so far (and currently working on 2 more)
- Beiteynu launched a worldwide investment fund in +10 nations for defense and technology

Imagine the next 60 years.

Nominate Beiteynu for Seat B of the Security Council. Help establish an international Terra, for everyone.

Yes, you.

OOC: To nominate, create a bill in your nation, add a new legislature article and Ctrl + F the phrase "Seat B". Select Beiteynu in the options. Like any other bill.
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