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Eight Economies

PostPosted: Thu Apr 23, 2020 6:07 am
by Maxington

Eight Economies or 8E comprises of nations such as Dorvik, Hutori, Istalia, Jakania, Kazulia, Lourenne, Valruzia and Vanuku. Unlike contemporary economic/political "unions" whereby there is a formal organisational structure, Eight Economies exists simply as a platform for which various global issues can be discussed by the world's leading economies. Originally created on the backdrop of a mounting financial crisis back in the 3800s by Trigunian economists, the conference has since been revived upon recognising the need for greater cooperation between the world's leading economies on various global issues heralded the conference's return.

Over three days, the leaders and finance ministers of the world's eight leading economies will gather in a city of a member country. Here, the leaders of the world's eight leading economies will discuss various global concerns and move to lay the foundation for the eventual solution to potential concerns/problems. Apart from this, guests will have the opportunity to network with others, participate in keynote addresses as the meeting is also open to non-core members.


1st 8E Summit - Eroncourt, Lourenne (4750)