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Majatran Green Left

Postby Nuova Istalia (Pond) » Tue Dec 15, 2020 12:13 pm

A new hope fot the Majatran Left?

The Calliari Forum is finally over, and some members have launched the new continental political cooperation organisation : the Majatran Green Left [], a coalition which comprises political parties and organisations of socialist, ecologist and communist orientation, with the aim of improving coordination and support among them.

Probably also due to the recent economic crisis, left-wing parties are coming back in majatran politics : the Selucian party Clara Aurora-Coalitio Sinistrae Radicalis (Luthorian: Bright Dawn-Radical Left Coalition) is currently the biggest opposition party in Auroria, and recent elections have given the Istalian left the possibility to govern.
Sinistra Ecologista (Luthorian: Eco-left), previously a small and uninfluential party, is now the 3rd biggest political forces in the Palace of the Res Publica, governing with the Party of Nationalist Communists and the Socialists & Democrats.

One of the strongholds of the SE is definitely the region of Sarregna, governed by former Calliari mayor Michelangelo Lai, who was one of the rising stars during the Callari Forum. He commented: "It was a pleasure for our region and our beautiful city of Calliari to host this important international meeting, here starts the new left: ecologist, brave and on the people's side, today a new hope for the majatran left is born"
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