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Re: Real-Life Equivalents Index: feedback

Postby cm9777 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:09 am

I'm going to put all implementations on hold until Polites gets back so we can work through them together. He will be back as per his message this week.
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Re: Real-Life Equivalents Index: feedback

Postby Polites » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:37 am

All added.

jamescfm wrote:Could someone with a better understanding of Greek come up with names for Xenophon and Aristotle, please?

The Aristotle equivalent seems to be Aristoblichos, as mentioned here. If nobody has any objection I will add that to the equivalents.

jamescfm wrote:
Repasto wrote:On the index, Ikpi refers to Maori but also Aboriginal (and in practice it seems to be used to describe an Aboriginal population). It might be better to use "Ikpi" for Aboriginal and another name for Maori (I would suggest "Mātou" or something similar), considering that these really are separate, individual cultures.

Obviously I'm very late to this but I'm not convinced this was entirely necessary. While I have no special claim to the Ikpi people, the identity which I'd built up was one which was not directly based on either Maori or Aboriginal Australians. Given that there is such diversity within the "Aboriginal Australian" label, I'd established that the Ikpi were extremely diverse with various different groups using the label or having it applied to them by others. The "Ikpi people" wiki page goes highlights this and contains aspects of both Maori and Aboriginal Australian culture and tradition. As I say, I'm probably too late in my objection but I think this is a case of having too much direct symmetry between real-life and Particracy when it isn't necessary.

That is a fair point, but I think the two groups are far too different IRL to group them under one heading. I dunno, depends on how those actually RPing these groups want to see them.
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