Where is the realism?

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Where is the realism?

Postby Axxell » Thu Mar 02, 2017 3:10 pm

The game impose a system which provides the elections of the HoS and which provides also the vote of confiance for a Government and it provides a proportional electoral system.
Given this system, also with more than 2 parties become necessary to form coalition, coalition which have to substain a government together and that together, it is obvious, have the responsability to maintain in place this government.
The game exclude totally any form of responsability, well... the game do not consider it, rather the rules exclude totally any form of responsability, with the opposition to any form of RP laws which would like introduce a form of responsability and obbligation, and exclude any form of internal binding agreement.
Why? For what? This is the best political game that I have found, It should interest to improve more and more the realism!
And what happen in real life? If a party born in a nation it have to respect the national rules established by other parties in other times. Do you want change? Simply, you could procede to take the necessary agreement and if you reach a consensus you can procede with a vote to change the past rules.
Here no! there are some binding rules but rules with could be even more usefull for the realism of the simulation (it is a simulation and objective of all the simulations is to become more and more close to the reality, it isn't?) are not permitted. The structure of the game and its unfinished status itself already create great problem in the realism, why not allow the introduction of something that could improve the realism, something which could also introduce form of responsability for the players? They don't like a nation and the rules, respected and accepted by all the other players? It could play to change it or it could simply go in another nation!
There are 59 nation and often there are nations with 1 party or no party. There are the fear that a nation could be blocked for too long time for some rules? Well... look at Davostan! Since 2005 (2005 I think) pratically the same player dominated the nation and enforced mathod to block it, only in period with many players to contrast him the situation changed, but made someone nothing to intervene? Few weeks ago only because a new player decided to create an RP on the forum about Davostan all the world noticed how the older player (which is the same since the 2005) had imposed methods to block totally the nation and in fact since I start to play (I think june 2016), Davostan was blocked in the ridiculous Evil fantasy world of the 2005 player.
I would like open a debate on the possibility to improve the realism, to allow rules to give minimal form of responsability to parties and players toward other parties and players.
For example, what change if is the nationmaster to decide independently and unilaterally to call early elections if a party with or more than 20% of seats became inactive then if there is an RP rule which invite all the players to respect this rule?
Or, something really more realistic:
In a parliamentary system, exist for example the possibility for the government to tie its persistence to the power to the passage of specific laws, this happen especially when the government are formed by coalition or alliance between various party. This mechanism exist for various motivation: to reinforce and reassure the maintainment of the coalition, to restore order in the case of disagreement or agreement issues between the coalition's parties, etc...
How terrible could be if a group of players agree in introducing a similar law? And how could be terrible if one of them, noting that another of these players are not respecting something which agree to introdusce or, worste, pushed to introduce, ask for an external intervention, given the fact that the game do not provides, for example, a constitutional court or a judiciary system?
Maybe I don't get possible strange and dangerous evolution of such a thing, of such a laws, but it is really so terrible?
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