Patriarchal Hosian Church

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Patriarchal Hosian Church

Postby IamTheYoungPope » Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:59 pm

Hi Everyone,

I just started a new party after taking a break for particracy for a long time. Does anyone still do RP with the Patriarchal Hosian Chruch and if not would anyone be interested in creating more RP events with that? Thanks
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Re: Patriarchal Hosian Church

Postby colonelvesica » Thu Mar 23, 2017 12:27 pm

Hi there Young Pope and welcome back to Particracy :)

I'm Colonelvesica, though everyone just calls me Ves and I'm a member of the Global Role Play Team.

Now I'm no expert on PT religions but there are numerous players worth reaching out to in this regard!

The first and foremost person I can think of is Polities; he's the most active expert I know though I'm sure other players will know know still others.

What did you have in mind for RP?
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Re: Patriarchal Hosian Church

Postby Polites » Fri Mar 24, 2017 5:15 pm

I see I've been summoned.

Hello Young Pope and welcome back to the game! In response to your question, the first thing you should know about the Hosian Churches is that the Selucian Patriarchal Church (FKA the "Selucian Catholic Church") and the Theognosian Church (FKA the "Orthodox Catholic Church") have been merged as a result of the Second Council of Auroria (RPd here, wiki page here) and are now a single body, the Aurorian Patriarchal Church (APC).

If you want a brief overview of the current IG equivalents of RL concepts, places, and things, including the one highlighted above, check out this list. A more detailed list of Particracy's religious denominations, including their RL equivalents, is on this wiki page.

And if you are interested in RPing with the Arch-Patriarch of the Aurorian Patriarchal Church, let us (the RP team) know - we have the authority to control the leadership of the largest religions, especially the APC.
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