Expected Absence: FPC

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Expected Absence: FPC

Postby Polites » Mon Jan 29, 2018 8:57 pm

Hi all,

I just learned that FPC, one of the game's three Moderators, has very recently suffered a loss in the family. As a result he will be unable to log in regularly in the near future, which he asked me to announce. This is very sad news and I give him my condolences.

Cm9777 and myself will continue to be around and keep the game afloat. If there is anything you would need assistance with, I highly suggest you reach out to either of us before you consider approaching FPC.
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Re: Expected Absence: FPC

Postby Maxington » Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:12 pm

My condolences for the departed.
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Re: Expected Absence: FPC

Postby Jessaveryja » Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:14 pm

My condolences.
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Re: Expected Absence: FPC

Postby QV73 » Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:16 pm

My condolences also.
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Re: Expected Absence: FPC

Postby Elf » Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:30 pm

My sincere condolences. FPC - you're a great guy, and I definitely hope to see more of you, once this has taken the time it needs...
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Re: Expected Absence: FPC

Postby Phil Piratin » Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:53 pm

Really sorry to hear this, Fin. A lot of people here are thinking of you, myself very much included.
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Re: Expected Absence: FPC

Postby Reddy » Tue Jan 30, 2018 6:07 am

My condolences Fin. I'm very sorry to hear of this.
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