Pacific Islander Cultural Representation

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Pacific Islander Cultural Representation

Postby Repasto » Fri May 11, 2018 9:34 pm

Hi all, just a discussion I'd like to start about something that came to my mind.

It occurred to me, for whatever reason, that in terms of the real-world cultures represented in Terra we don't really have an adequate representation of Pacific cultures (Polynesian, Melanesian, etc.). In terms of the player-controlled world, the only allowance I could find was Dankuk's partial Filipino population. Of course, in the Third World Polynesia is represented through Tropica, but it is severely limited in its ability to meaningfully interact with the non-Third World nations by virtue of its classification. I think this is a (albeit very large) geographic location that we have overlooked, and I propose that at least one of the culturally-open nations should undergo a makeover to help amend that, in the interest of expanding the RP experience of the game world.

Vorona, to me, seems like the best choice for such a hypothetical nation to perform this change in, as it is an island nation which would naturally lend itself to many of the same elements that shaped these primarily Ocean-based cultures, and it is the closest in proximity to Tropica of all the culturally-open nations available.

In terms of what this new Vorona would look like, while it could just be another Polynesian nation that would be open to the average player's participation, what might be better (although more difficult) is to try to create a Melanesian (based primarily on Papau New Guinea in all likelihood) or a Micronesian culture - something that won't be redundant and yet will challenge the limits of what is represented in this game currently. In addition, Vorona's previous colonial history under Deltaria could be incorporated, and, somehow, a Slavic-Pacific hybrid state struggling with racial identities and the consequences of colonialism could feasibly be created.

These are just initial thoughts, and I'm bringing them to the rest of the player base for their consideration before I start anything. First of all, am I justified in my thoughts that we need this sort of representation in the game? And, second of all, if such a cultural change were to be pursued, what are your thoughts on which open nation would be an ideal candidate, and what culture would be the most interesting and fulfilling to the game world to pursue?

Any feedback is appreciated.
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