Statement Regarding Retconning of RP

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Statement Regarding Retconning of RP

Postby cm9777 » Sat Jun 02, 2018 8:14 am

Hello all,

Here is a statement from the GRC and Moderation regarding the Retconning of RP.

Moderation has recently become aware of a few situations in which certain players have felt that their nation’s history, culture or otherwise has been unnecessarily retconned, stepped over or ignored without proper justification or consent, and sadly the current rules do not prohibit this.

However, the GRC and moderation has been working together on a way to resolve this situation, and we hope this solution can ensure this doesn’t happen in future: moderation has decided to delegate the authority to mediate on issues regarding RP disagreements, including major retcons and ‘nation raiding’ to the five CRCs (and their deputies or RP Masters where applicable or if they are unavailable), with each CRC presisding over their own continent’s issues. They shall essentially act as judges and can rule either to allow a retcon / RP etc or to disallow it, or even to allow it with alterations, much like a judge in a courtroom might. However if you feel they have been particularly unfair you can always of course raise the issue with moderation.

We all felt that this would be a more suitable way of doing things than implementing a hard and fast rule — just use your common sense and try not to step over former RPs, speak to each other if you have a concern, and raise it ASAP with your CRC if you still have any issues. We feel it’s better to check it against human judgement than try to create an incomplete and impractical checklist — how do we define which retcons are reasonable and which are unreasonable without delegating this to a human opinion? — and hope you’re also in agreement. We shall be reviewing how this system works out in due course, but hopefully it goes at least some of the way towards stopping this issue while being fair to legitimate players’ RP. And remember — somebody has to raise this issue to the CRC concerned and won’t ever be punished for bringing a disagreement forwards, so don’t hesitate to let them know if you have any concerns!

- Moderation and the GRC

The Membership of the RP Commitee is currently under review and some vacant roles will be filled shortly. In the meantime you are welcome to discuss any issues with the current members of the GRC as per the register.
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