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GRC In Game Account

Postby cm9777 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 1:03 pm

Hey all,
please note there is now an in-game account used by the Roleplay Committee to message people about rp issues which they have been given the authority to rule over (Retconning a prime example) and also a way to answer any rp concerns users might have. It is based in Darnussia/Narikaton but is inactive.

The link is here

If you have any rp-related issues feel free to message them.

This is the only GRC Account, if there is another account pretending to be them, they are impersonating it so please let Moderation know if this is the case. As a note to this, do not under any circumstances attempt to impersonate the rp comitee. Doing so will result in sanctions.

They will also sign their name after each message as per moderation's request.
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