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Re: International role play planning and discussion

Postby MedwedianPresident » Fri Dec 07, 2018 7:25 pm

As you may or may not have noticed, there has recently been a government change in Kazulia. The centrist-leftist-conservative Solidarity coalition has been destroyed, and the far-right National Purity Congress (owned by me) has engaged in a partnership with the populist Borgersammeføring, turning the old, ultranationalist NPC leader and demagogue Theodor Lynden Frankenstein into Kazulia's new Prime Minister.


Theodor Lynden Frankenstein is more-or-less openly a fascist. As such, he is supporting the apartheid regime in Utari Mosir and is going to veto all sanctions directed against the third-world axis (even though they are probably not that fond of Kazulia).

Frankenstein's (secret) goal is to normalize relations with these countries and turn them into Kazulian "protectorates".
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Re: International role play planning and discussion

Postby jamescfm » Mon Dec 10, 2018 10:36 pm

Another update on the "Axis of Dovani": the defence pact has been signed between Liore and Suyu Llaqta, Utari Mosir will join at some point soon. The next step is for the far right to seize control of Istapali, through a combination of a botched military coup and militant forces (supported by Liore and Suyu Llaqta), and for them to join the Axis too. Once these four nations are assembled, Utari Mosir will launch a swift invasion of Kamphon and "liberate" the island and all other three nations will recognise the new puppet government as legitimate, preventing Cifutingan from responding.

As a result, it will be left to an international coalition (provisionally led by Dorvik and Lourenne, though I am hoping that Indrala among others could be involved) to regain control of the island for Cifutingan. At the same time, there will be a surge in domestic opposition to the Mosirak government, which the international coalition will take advantage of for a full invasion of Utari Mosir. The response of the other three members of the Axis will essentially be to renege on their commitment to their ally. After this, there will be a "settling down" period in which international attention on the Axis drops but I'm not sure where it will go from there.
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Re: International role play planning and discussion

Postby Axxell » Tue Dec 11, 2018 7:43 am

It is very interesting this focus on the Sovereignty vs Internationalism. Currently this is probably the most important topic about international contrasts, in Dovani as well as in Majatra where the debates on the Right of Sovereignty of the nations for some time are generating great tensions (the Barmenistan regime, the Deltarina regime, the Republican party from Selucia, etc...).

So... for some weeks I'm preparing an RP about a Majatran War. This is the plot currently accepted in Istalia and by the players of Vanuku, Deltaria, Barmenistan:

- Barmenistan is even more accused to have chemical weapons and even more evidences come on surface.
- Vanuku and Istalia decide thus to attack the Social National Regime.
- Deltaria intervene in defense of Barmenia (being into the Consortium Alliance led by Deltaria).
- Also Kafuristan enter the war alongside Barmenistan and Deltaria (both Barmenistan and Kafuristan are socialist regimes currently)
- Barmenistan and Kafuri become the main fronts for ground battles.
- In Kafuristan, Istalia and Deltaria fight dividing the country.
- Istalian Military push for a large offensive which can kick off Deltaria from Kafuristan but the Civil Authorities push for an premature establishment of a Kafuri Free Republic. This make lost to the Military the opportunity to oust Deltaria from Kafuristan and indeed Deltaria is able to consolidate its position in Kafuristan alongside the forces of the Worker's Republic.
- Deltaria at surprise, launch an assoult directly to Istalia and contemporary in Kafuristan: in Kafuristan the assault is blocked on the front lines while in Istalia Deltarian troops arrive to advance in Trivendito pointing Romula, which is hit by air assoults, but the unespected arrival of new forces led by Marco Raniu which take the northern Deltarian shores and try to advance to the capital push Istalia and Deltaria to a ceasefire and to a reciprocal retreat from the anemy national territory.

Now, given that Kafuristan player is too busy and cannot partecipate, I proposed to move the Kafuri front directly in Deltaria and with the electoral victory in Barmenistan of the opposition I proposed, and the idea seems it was accepted, in Barmenistan that this electoral victory could unleash a coup by part of Social Nationals.

With the Pontesian crisis, which can be easily integrated in this conflict between sovereignty and internationalism in defence of human rights, we could merge the two conflicts.
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Re: International role play planning and discussion

Postby Kubrick » Tue Dec 11, 2018 11:13 am

Does PT really need another Majatran war?
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Re: International role play planning and discussion

Postby Auditorii » Tue Dec 11, 2018 12:10 pm

Kubrick wrote:Does PT really need another Majatran war?

Can we get a QFE?
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Re: International role play planning and discussion

Postby Reddy » Tue Dec 11, 2018 1:18 pm

Kubrick wrote:Does PT really need another Majatran war?

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