GRC Announcement/Recruitment

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GRC Announcement/Recruitment

Postby FPC » Fri Jan 11, 2019 2:23 pm

Hi everyone,

This is a quick update on the GRC which we are going to be attempting to revive over the next few weeks. We have decided to scrap the continental system we previously had and instead have a team free to work on whatever is needed. This means we will have a Chairman and a Deputy Chairman who will also serve as the World Congress RP Coordinator. All other members of the comitee will be reffered to as "RP Coordinators" and will work to further RP across the site.

We are looking to recruit new members so if you are interested please message, Fin or Farsun to register your interest.

The current GRC is:
Chairman: Fin/FPC
Deputy Chairman, Colonies Coordinator and World Congress RP Coordinator: Auditorri/Farsun
RP Coordinators: , Pragma, Aethan

Thanks for your time,
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