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Resources: The Terran Times

Postby GreekIdiot » Wed Dec 27, 2023 5:04 pm


The Terran Times (TT) is a side website ( created by the worst player of the community (GreekIdiot).

It includes a bot/scraper that "automatically reads" specific pages from the game, the forum and the wiki; then posts on PT's Discord Server as part of an "RP Feed" intended to increase immersion for players. On some things it offers a simple user interface on the site itself, like charts, quick links, etc.

Created to enhance roleplay, not replace it - Wouter Lievens knows about it and has the code. TT is free to use and will always be.

It's also optional to use and there's no "advantage" given to players who choose to use it.

Sitemap and features:


Related threads:

- Catch up on updates, progress, logs, here
- Propose ideas, make suggestions and offer your feedback, here
- DISABLED - Configure the information for FBCs, here
- Make requests to start or end arcs and statements, here
- RPC / ADMINS - Configure arcs and statements, here


- Arcs and statements currently active, here



You can ask for the addition of arcs and statements, here.

- Arcs are big/main stories that individual posts by multiple players can be connected to (ex. Badaran Civil War)
- Statements are orgs or conferences that are shown on the feed (ex. Artanian Union Council)

Copy this snippet and change the values to ask for an arc:

Code: Select all
Name | The Terran Times
Coordinators | GreekIdiot from Beiteynu
Tags | The Terran Times, Terran Times, TT, TTP, Terran Times Project, The Terran Times Project
Description | The Terran Times is a news amplifying framework created by the Beiteynuese Government's Digitali Nimshal (Digital Transformation & Governance) in 5228.
Image |
About |
Posts | Beginning of the 53rd century, 5411, 3 January 5419

And this one for statements:

Code: Select all
Name | MSCO Council
Thread |
Description | The Council of the Majatran Security Cooperation Organisation is responsible for the oversight, direction, priorities and overall responsibilities and initiatives taken by the organisation. It is chaired by the Secretary-General.
Icon |
About |

Requests are first reviewed and filtered and then adjusted and posted on the operations thread, here, by the RPC / Admins. Please keep in mind requests are handled on a case by case basis by @GreekIdiot, for the time being, as these features are very new and need proper testing and thorough monitoring.



Scanning, extracting and posting headlines from national news, here, is TT's main feature.

The following threads are planned to be included in the future:

- WC's news service, here
- Informal news, here
- Battle unseen stories (ABU), here
- Tweets, here
- Ads, where players can bid for random posts in the feed, here



Similar to headlines and configured by the RPC / Admins, here.

For statements to be posted, they need to include the person in bold and the statement in quotes.

If the person in bold also includes the name of the nation (ex. Deltaria), the feed will catch that.

An example, here.



Arcs are essentially "main stories" that connect multiple posts from multiple players (ex. Badaran Civil War).

Visit to browser through the stories.

You can request an arc to start or end, here.



The calendar fires up every year and includes:

- Rotation of the MSCO's Secretary-General
- Election results for the WC's Security Council (excl. Seat E)
- Additions of military equipment to the Equifund
- Electoral calendar and other statistics every year
- Digest of headlines

To consider the addition of other features and/or organisations to the calendar, you can make suggestions, here.
The Terran Times
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