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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby ChengherRares1 » Fri Mar 01, 2019 3:51 pm

Correction I instead of We, is a game error, I am so used to use we as representing RL party that I forgot that this is an OOC bill.
Gabriel Boțan,
Liberale-Progressiv Partei Status: Active
Rutanian Libertarian Party Status: Inactivated
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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby ComradeOtaku » Tue Mar 19, 2019 8:33 pm

I think I did this one before but I've changed a lot (plus rejoined the forum under a different name)

Real-name: Kirill
Party Name and Nation: Trigunskoe Sotsialisticheskoe Dvizhenie
Age: 16
Languages: English and Russian - fluent; German and French - studying extensively; Latin - used to study but forgot most of it; Japanese - trying to learn independently but not very successful :lol:
Location: UK
General Political Affiliation: Libertarian Marxism
General Religious Affiliation: I believe in a god who intervenes indirectly in a limited manner from time to time
Current Occupation: Student
Professional Goal: Revolutionary, I hope; less ambitious - far left politician
Relationship status: Single
Favourite genre of music: Anything except rap and other such stuff really; atm addicted to Eurobeat (deja vu, I've just been in this place before *proceeds to aggressively head bop*)
Television: Anime
Books: Dystopia, detective fiction, some fantasy, non-fiction and manga
Movies: Not much oof... anime films I guess :P
Level of School: In secondary/high school; will take GCSEs this year so oof me
Hobbies: Politics, history, economics, philosophy, books, anime, manga, games and organising banned communist rallies at school
Favourite Games: Grand strategies are my jam: Vicky2, HoI4, EUIV, Stellaris and Sengoku. Also like RTS like AoE III and the Cossacks series, and city building stuff like Tropico or Cities: Skylines
Socialistická lidová strana - Revolucionári
Socialist People's Party - Revolutionaries

(currently active)

Previous parties:
Trigunian Socialist Movement/Front of the Anticapitalist Left (Trigunia)

Formerly TheTsar:
Deltarian LDP
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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby Edmund » Mon Mar 25, 2019 1:35 am

Name: Edmund
Age: 14
Location: Northumberland
Languages: English, some Geordie
Race & Ethnicity: Northumbrian
Religion: Christian atheist but actually weak agnostic
Politics: Democratic socialist
Party and Nation: Social Democratic Party (Luthori)
Music: Electric Light Orchestra. Also vaporwave I guess? Plenty of others but haha no.
Television: Gerry Anderson and, like Kirill, anime
Books: Exclusively non-fiction (well, okay, "fiery dragons were seen flying in the sky")
Movies: mostly anime like Kirill (again) but specifically Ghibli because of A Trip to Tynemouth
Games: I actually don't really play many games. Also, like Chloe, I've played Life is Strange.
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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby pigeonvalley » Mon Mar 25, 2019 1:56 am

I'll do one myself. Let's try this!

Name: Ben (Officially Benjamin, but I don't like that)
Age: 21
Location: Queensland, Australia
Languages: English. No Australian, I can't deal with that. A tiny bit of German, miniscule amount of Welsh, and trace amounts of some other languages.
Race & Ethnicity: By descent, I'm majority-Welsh (about 70%), with a bit of Norwegian.
Religion: Weak atheist
Politics: Communist.
Party and Nation: Krossinn Svartur (Telamon)
Music: Usually individual songs from many artists, but I'm really enjoying Imogen Heap, Faun, Of Monsters and Men and Bill Wurtz at the moment, with the addition of Super Cool (Beck, feat. Robyn and the Lonely Island), Breath of Life (Florence and the Machine), Entertainment (Phoenix) and Say Something (Justin Timberlake)
Television: I love Doctor Who, but at the moment, I'm watching through Manhunt. I don't watch much TV.
Books: Mostly nonfiction, though I also enjoy Lord of the Rings.
Movies: Big fan of the MCU, as well as HTTYD (didn't like 3, though), Zootopia, the Lego Movie and some others.
Games: Paradox games, the Elder Scrolls and Mount and Blade.
Krossinn Svartur - Republic of Telamon - ACTIVE
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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby Yolo04 » Mon Mar 25, 2019 4:06 am

I guess I’ll do one of these since everyone else is

Name: Just call me Yolo
Age: Prefer not to disclose
Location: West Virginia, United States(go ahead and make your country roads jokes)
Languages: English and a small amount of Spanish
Race & Ethnicity: White, American, most likely ancestry is Northern European
Religion: Christianity
Politics: Libertarian, but I mostly support republicans(unless there are better candidates)
Party and Nation: Honor and Stability Party, Junta Militari di Keymon (Military Junta of Keymon)
Music: Country and Rock. I don’t like a majority of rap, K-pop, pop, or death metal, though there are exceptions
Television: History channel when it was actually about history
Books: Ive been reading a bit about Tsarist Russia, but my favorite books have to be Orwell’s. He perfectly imagines dystopian worlds and rule under Stalin and many of the people he inspired
Movies: Full Metal Jacket is my favorite film but I also like some old WW2 History channel stuff as well.
Education: Currently in High School
Hobbies: School stuff, watching YouTube, gaming, and lifting weights
Favorite Games: All COD games from MW1 to BO2, Battlefield 1, Tropico, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Star Wars Commandos
Relationship status: I want to die

Despacito, Eat ain’t Burrito
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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby alaskancrabpuffs21 » Sun May 05, 2019 5:07 am

Call me Alaskan Crab I am Male, I am a Red Blooded. I am deplorable as Clinton puts it. My picture is of HMS Hood if your wondering. I am basically a proud American... I love World War 2 ships. I play World of Warships. I follow the MLB. That's it.
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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby Rafland » Tue May 07, 2019 5:35 am

Name: Rafael
Age: 15
Location: West Yorkshire, Leeds
Languages: English, Armenian, Russian, French and German
Race & Ethnicity: Armenian 75% Russian 25%
Religion: Christian Orthodox
Politics: Right-wing Nationalist social centre-left economically
Party and Nation: The Right Coalition (Luthori)
Music: Pop music and a few Youtuber music
Television: Will Smith and Kevin Hart and I like Prison Break
Books: CGP revision guides for my exams in a week!
Movies: Click by Adam Sandler (2006)
Games: Well obviously Particracy for the time being. Red dead redemption 2 and Far cry new dawn.
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