Boris Johnson Thought Brexit Would Lose

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Boris Johnson Thought Brexit Would Lose

Postby Siggon Kristov » Mon Sep 16, 2019 6:58 pm

So there's this article by The Guardian claiming that Boris Johnson had a conversation with David Cameron about his support for Brexit, because Boris Johnson had "never been in favour of leaving the EU" but was going to publicly announce support for the 'Leave' campaign. He supposedly told David Cameron that the 'Leave' campaign would lose the referendum, and that he only supported it to attract Nationalist support. "Cameron believed Johnson thought the Brexit vote would be lost but that backing it would be better for his long-term premiership ambitions."

I found it funny because I thought this type of thing only happened in Particracy, where we vote for a policy that we don't want to pass just because it will swing our visibility on a certain issue in a certain direction if enough parties are already expected to vote against it.
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