Particracy Player Profiles

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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby Aethan » Tue Jun 13, 2017 11:50 am

Party Name and Nation: In Marea - Civis Sinistram, Selucia
Real name: Berto
Age: 20.
Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Galician, a bit of French and Italian.
Location: Spain.
General Political Affiliation: Secular and Progressist, United Left in Spain
General Religious Affiliation: I was baptized, but I apostatized and I'm atheist.
Current Occupation: University student.
Professional Goal: My plan is to work as a science teacher in a near future
Relationship status: totally on my own x)
Favorite genres of music: Pop, Alternative, I generally like all kind of music (though my favourites singers and groups are Imagine Dragons, Clean Bandit, Coldplay...)
Television: I really enjoyed Vikings, Skam, and some Spanish series, currently watching Sense8.
Books: My room is full with books so I like almost everything
Level of School: At university, biology degree.
Hobbies: sports, travels.
Favourite Food: Spanish omelette, croquetas, and more traditional Spanish plates x), plus sushi
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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby Elf » Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:54 pm

Party Name and Nation: None atm.
Real name: Not relevant. :mrgreen:
Age: 24.
Languages: Swedish, English... a little bit of German, some tourist phrases in Croatian and some religious ones in Latin :mrgreen:
Location: Sweden.
General Political Affiliation: Conservative. Some kind of green anti-establishment neoconservative. I like the ECR group in the European parliament.
General Religious Affiliation: Lapsed Roman Catholic. Pantheist. Interested in Buddhism/Hinduism and Pagan (Animist) stuff.
Current Occupation: Studying. Looking for some small-time work atm.
Professional Goal: I'd like to work with something fun where I could meet people from all over the world. Like in the EU Parliament. Wouldn't that be fun? Even though I'm eurosceptic... :lol:
Relationship status: Single, but might have a "friendzone plus" relationship with someone... although I'm a fan of "don't kiss and tell" ;)
Favorite genres of music: Metal. Power metal, death metal, folk metal, pagan metal, gothic metal etc. Also into ambinent music. At the moment I'm really into the Irish Celtic band Cruachan.
Television: Not much atm. I enjoy older Midsomer Murders episodes. It's like they don't dear to be a bit... eh.. "mischievous" in the new ones. Like Barnaby accidentally eating cookies with marijuana and that kind of stuff. :mrgreen:
Books: Currently reading a book called "Chaosology" in Swedish written by an economics professor with serious ADHD. Great stuff. :mrgreen:
Level of School: Vocational education.
Hobbies: Writing, having opinions, taking walks in the forest, mediation, video games, painting, music...
Favourite Food: I'm a vegetarian. Have to say spinach pie with feta cheese. Like mediterranean food in general.
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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby Hrafn » Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:37 pm

Chaosology" in Swedish written by an economics professor with serious ADHD. Great stuff. :mrgreen:

At first, I thought it was going to be about that Chaos-Gnostic Anti-Cosmic Satanism stuff :lol:
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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby dannypk » Sat Feb 17, 2018 2:58 pm

Party Name and Nation: Sambandsríki Sameiginleg Verkalýðsfé (Federal Collectivist Union Party), Telamon.
Real name: Danny
Age: 15
Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and a little bit of Portuguese.
Location: Spain, Catalonia
General Political Affiliation: I've always been an anarchist, I guess.
General Religious Affiliation: Atheism, I don't really believe in anything.
Current Occupation: Studying, huh
Professional Goal: I'm really spontaneous, but I'd like to become a philosopher, musician and maybe politician (ironically)
Relationship status: Single. I'm not really interested on a relationship
Favorite genres of music: Punk Rock/Rock at all
Television: I don't like watching TV
Books: Most of the times I start reading a book I don't finish it, but actually I'm reading some books from George Orwell, since I never finished reading some books from him.
Level of School: high school
Hobbies: Listening to music, reading and writing.
Favourite Food: meh idc about this
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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby CiviixXXX » Wed Apr 04, 2018 4:38 pm

Party Name: Partia Orły ... tyid=32681
Real Name: Julian
Languages: Polish as native, English, planning learning Chinese.
Location: Eastern Poland
Political Position : Populist, Nationalist, Conservative, same as my party.
Religion :Convinced Catholic
Other No relationship, don't like music, don't watch TV, I play EU4, Mount and Blade and Terraria. Favorite food are fruit pierogi. Hate EU.
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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby Mbites » Sun Apr 08, 2018 7:28 pm

Here is an update

Real-name: Marlon
Party Name and Nation: Most of the time the Thallerist
Age: 17
Languages: German and English
Location: Vienna, Austria
General Political Affiliation: Registered Member of the Social Democratic Party; Idealistically Libertarian Communist
General Religious Affiliation: Atheist / Accepts Agnostics
Professional Goal/Current Occupation: Student/And some political offices which really dont weigh amount to much
Relationship status: Depends on the party
Favorite genre of music: Neurofunk, Drum and Bass, Rap, Early 2000s Pop (Because childhood)
Television: I dont really watch TV. Only the news.
Books: Historic thing, leftist philosophy, Economics
Movies: Lord of the rings.
Level of School: Austrian equivalent of Highschool
Hobbies: Tennis, politics, videogames
Favourite Games: Paradox Games
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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby Luis1p » Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:04 am

Real-name: Luis (Duh)
Party Name and Nation: Parti Libéral Lourennais-->Lourenne
Age: 17
DOB: 02/14/2001
Ethnicity: Mexican-American
Languages: Fluent in English, Spanish, French
Location: Chicago, United States
General Political Affiliation: Liberal/Social Dem (Hardcore). Democratic Party
General Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic
Future Profession:International Relations/Politics
Current Occupation: Student :P
Relationship status: Single ready to mingle
Favorite genre of music: 80's, 90's, 2K, and today
Television: Designated survivor, Timeless, The Mick, It's always sunny in Philadelphia, SpongeBob Connaisseur
Books: OOF?
Movies: Lord of the Rings, Marvel Cinematic Universe
Level of School: High School Senior!!
Hobbies: Volleyball, Football (Soccer), Politics, MEMES
Favourite Games: Third Age Total War, GTA San Andreas
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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby EDominus » Tue May 08, 2018 1:06 pm

Real name: Anthony
Age: 17
Party Name & Nation: ... tyid=31574, Zardugal
Language: Just English
Location: New York, USA
Political Position: Democratic Socialist mixed with National Populism. Democrat, but I use that term loosely.
Religion: Non-denominational Christian
Occupation: Student
Professional Goal: Congressman in the House of Representatives.
Relationship status: Single :cry:
Music: Don't really have a preference to genre, but anything between 2010-2014 is amazing.
Books: Kind of like reading sci-fi and the news.
Movies: Anime, MCU, Sci-fi, and Action
Level of School: High School
Favorite Food: Sushi and generally all east asian food. Not to mention New York Pizza & Bagels. ;)
Hobbies: None. :lol:
Favorite Games: HOI4, EU4, Particracy, and .IO games.
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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby Adithya » Fri May 11, 2018 12:41 pm

Real Name:-Adithya
Party and Nation:- ... tyid=34169 ,Dorvik
Languages:-English,Tamil,(Know a Little bit of Hindi,Telugu and Sanskrit)
General Political Affiliation:-Classic Liberal(Conservative on Economic Issues,Secular and Progressive On Social Issues)
Religious Affiliation:-Hindu
Professional Goal:-Banker
Relationship Status:-Single
Favourite Genre of Music:-No Specific Preference(Favourite Singers:-Justin Bieber,Beyoncé,AR Rahman,Shreya Ghoshal)
Television:-I don't Watch TV that much,Just News
Level of School:-High School
Hobbies:-Politics,Economics,Videogames,Listening to Music
Favourite Games:-270 Soft Political Simulation Games,GTA 5
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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby cm9777 » Sun Jun 03, 2018 12:49 pm

Real Name: Cm are my initials. See if you can figure it out (Irish First Name, Partially Anglicised German Last Name)
Party and Nation:- LNS in Deltaria
Languages:-English, German, Japanese
General Political Affiliation:-Old Style Liberal (Classical Liberal?)
Religious Affiliation:-None

Favourite Genre of Music:-No Specific Preference (Classical, Older Music is more my thing. I find modern day music quite ordinary)
Television:-Game of Thrones, Vikings etc.
Hobbies:-Politics,History, Biology, Sport, Gaming
Favourite Games:-Paradox Titles, GTAV
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