Particracy Player Profiles

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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby Hrafn » Mon Oct 17, 2016 9:58 pm

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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby Phibotic » Fri Oct 21, 2016 11:22 pm

I joined particracy half a year ago and never noticed that there is this thread.

Real-name: Philipp
Party Name and Nation: Dundorfische Dominanzpartei (Darnussia)
Age: 16
Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Latin (it's useless for conversation but hey)
Location: Germany
General Political Affiliation: left wing
General Religious Affiliation: Agnostic
Professional Goal/Current Occupation: Student
Favorite genre of music: Rap and Rammstein (weird combination I know)
Books: mostly fantasy
Movies: Also all the fantasy stuff
Level of School: Highschool (Gymnasium)
Hobbies: video games, music
Favourite Games: Paradox games, strategy games in general, rpgs
On-Off Pseudo Opposition in Narikaton
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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby J.G.S. » Fri Dec 02, 2016 5:59 pm

Been around here sporadically for years, but realized I've never done one of these..

Party Name and Nation: Natsionalny Front, Trigunia
Age: 24
Languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian
Location: all over East Coast US
General Political Affiliation: Far Right
General Religious Affiliation: Unaffiliated
Current Occupation: Political staffer
Favorite genre of music: Entirely activity-dependent - techno/EDM at the gym or going out, Tchaikovsky or Rachmaninoff at work, classic or Russian rock when driving
Television: Sopranos, The Wire, House of Cards, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, The Americans, Lilyhammer, Peaky Blinders, Sherlock, Fawlty Towers
Books: ASOIAF, John Le Carre, Poirot novels, Brideshead Revisited, Tolkien, most of Sergei Lukyanenko
Movies: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Godfather I&II, Goodfellas, Madness of King George
Level of School: Undergrad
Hobbies: Drinking, cooking, travelling, getting sucked into political campaigns and then regretting it for 6 months
Favorite Food: Italian, Russian, BBQ (Southern and Korean), ramen
Games: CK2, MGS Phantom Pain, Skyrim, GTA5
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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby Nolan » Sun Dec 04, 2016 7:14 am

Party Name and Nation: Hosian Democratic Party, State of Hobrazia
Age: 16
Languages: English, Czech, Russian, and Spanish
Location: San Francisco, California
General Political Affiliation: American Solidarity Party
General Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic
Current Occupation: Waiter and High School Student
Favorite genre of music: Rap music (Personal favorites: Future, 2 Chainz, and 300 of Montana)
Television: House of Cards, Burn Notice, Mad Men, Suits, and White Collar
Books: The Good Soldier Švejk, The Stand, Doctor Sleep, and The Firm
Movies: Godfather I&II, Italian Job, James Bond Series, and Hell and High Water
Level of School: High School
Hobbies: Track and Field, Cross Country, Soccer, and Photography
Favorite Food: French, Mexican, and Thai
Games: Victoria 2, Europa Universalis 4, GTA 5, Black Ops 3, and Bioshock
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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby TheTsar » Sun Dec 04, 2016 2:39 pm

Party Name and Nation: Konstitutsionno-Demokraticheskaya Partia, Trigunian Empire
Real Name: Kirill Alekseev
Age: 13
Languages: Russian, English, French and German (learning for GCSE)
Location: Ascot, U.K.
General Political Affiliation: Labour Party in Britain and United Russia and/or LDPR in Russia
General Religious Affiliation: Orthodox Christian
Current Occupation: Student
Favourite genre of music: Classical, jazz, blues, rock and roll, old rock (like Queen), and some pop
Television: Russian series
Books: Non-fiction, historical based, fantasy and detective
Movies: Russian films and some Western European/American ones
Level of School: Secondary School
Hobbies: Games, both video and board and books
Favourite Food: Russian, Italian, some Spanish and some French
Games: Victoria 2, Tropico 4, Cossacks Back to War, Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars, Napoleon: Total War, Making History: The Great War, Heroes and Generals, Battle of Empires: 1914-1918, Age of Empires III, Forge of Empires, Politics and War and Nationstates.
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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby jadouljonathan » Sun Jan 08, 2017 3:19 am

Try this out :p

Party Name and Nation: pontesi, the communist party
Real Name: jonathan
Age: 23
General Location: belgium
General Political Affiliation [if any]: communist
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: convinced atheïst
Professional Goal/Current Occupation: i stil have time to figure it out...
What is your favorite genre of music: everything except headbang music
Hobbies: not much...
Level of School (h.s., grade school, college, none): none...
NationStates Nation Name (if any): N/A.
Other information: everything you needto knowis above...
Nation: the republic of pontesi
Party: the metzisme movement party (MMP)

Second party:
Nation: Dorvik
the metzisme kommunistische partei
Previous nations: rildanor, dorvik, state of hobrazia
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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby Choice Party » Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:06 pm

May as well give this a go...

Party Name and Nation: Progress Democrats (formerly Progress Party), Dorvik
Real Name: Would rather not disclose for now
Age: 18, 19 at the end of May
General Location: England, UK
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Generally centrist
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Overall agnostic
Professional Goal/Current Occupation: On a Film & TV college course, which I am not enjoying and will likely drop off midway.
What is your favorite genre of music: All sorts, from indie, soul, funk, various different rock music, 80s, synthpop/new wave....
Hobbies: Fashion, the occasional spot of painting, have a keen interest in politics, run my own meme page
Level of School (h.s., grade school, college, none): College vocational course, I have half of a level 3 diploma, a full level 2 and likely another half of a different level 3 soon (unless I do particularly bad at that one)
NationStates Nation Name (if any): Dorvain
Other information: That just about sums me up.
Choice (Dolgaria) 3811-3832
Choice (Luthori) 3832-3875, 3899-3934
Choice (Kalistan)3875-3883
Choice (Hutori)3883-3899
Labour (Selucia)3934-3944
Progressive (Dolgavas)3944-3959
New Choice (Luthori) 3959-3982
LSP (Gaduridos) 3982-4004
Democratic (Mikuni-Hulstria) 4004-4038
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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby Axxell » Mon May 08, 2017 8:10 pm

Party Name and Nation: Libertà e Progresso, Istalia
Real Name: Alessandro
Age: 29
Languages: Italian, French, English (but I think it is the case to improve it), a little, very very little, of Portuguese
Location: Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo (but I come from Italy, near Rome)
General Political Affiliation: Radical/social liberal, I'm very secular and progressive (if you don't hurt me or limit me, go on and make what you want), I'm for the free market but regulated and I'm convinced there are foundamental services which the state have to assure to all (through progressive taxation)
General Religious Affiliation: I'm baptized as christian (catholic) but I'm actually agnostic
Current Occupation: accountant
Relationship status: engaged
Favourite genre of music: different, above all Rock (most part of the genres), classical and electronic (especially minimal)
Television: fiction (history, sci-fi, fantasy), american sit com (big bang theory first of all), documentary
Books: fiction (sci fy, fantasy, historical, politics), politics, history
Movies: too much (in the recent years I'm watching many italian film)
Level of School: University
Hobbies: particracy obviously, books, hanging out, I don't dislike a few drinks with friend
Favourite Food: I'm very biased but there is nothing like the italian food :D , then I really appreciated the greek one, I like also the libanese one and chinese
Games: Age of Empire 2 (and some expansions), Faraon, Victoria (fantastic game), Caesar (I played the 3and I think the 4), Earth Empire, Nationstates, GTA series
Alleanza Radicale (Radical Alliance) - Istalia (Active)
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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby Hrafn » Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:43 am

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Re: Particracy Player Profiles

Postby TheUnicorn. » Sun Jun 11, 2017 6:29 pm

Party Name and Nation: I'll Movimento Radicals in Istalia
Age: 15
Languages: Polish, German, English, French, a bit of Russian and Ukrainian, Greek.
General Political Affiliation: Green Libertarian, Classic Liberal. Euroenthusiast.
General Religious Affiliation: I'm a Unitarian Baha'i.
Current Occupation: Student.
Professional Goal: Either a writer, public speaker or politician.
Relationship status: Post-breakup. I have a Girlfriend.
Favorite genres of music: Funk, RnB, Soul, Hip Hop, alternative, rock. I follow the hot 100. My favourite act is Foster The People.
Television: Talk Shows, News, GoT.
Books: I mostly read books about politics, history, different cultures, travelling, favourite books are Political Thrillers and Alternate History, though.
Movies: Old Bond Movies, Bad, Cheap Movies, Comedy.
Level of School: Hoping to study Communication.
Hobbies: Alternate History, Politics, Psychology, Writing.
Favourite Games: EUIV, CKII, Pokemon franchise,
Favourite Food: Overall eastern-asian, Italian, Turkish.
NationStates: Yes.
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