Third World Control Register

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Third World Control Register

Postby FPC » Fri Dec 29, 2017 12:50 pm

Third World Control Register

For a list of Third World Nations and brief descriptions see here.
Applications for control of Third World nations should follow these policies and regulations.

Noumonde - Controller: Axxell (June 25th - PRESENT)
Cifutingan - Controller: Zanz (July 24th - PRESENT)
North Dovani - Controller: colonelvesica (November 13th - Present)
Dalibor- Controller: Wu Han (since May 1)
New Alduria - Controller: Maxington (since October 27th)
Kimilien - Controller: Zanz (since December 28th)
Kalkalistan - Controller: Jamescfm (since December 29th)
Degalogesa - Controller: stuntmonkey (since January 16th)
New Englia - Controller: Mbites (since February 7th)
New Verham - Controller: Jabotinsky22 (since February 12th)
Ostland - Controller: Auditorii (since February 20th)
Suyu Llaqta - Controller: Zanz, Wu Han, Yolo04 (since March 8th)
Midway - Controller: GeneralM (since March 16th)
Istapali - Controller: Cm9777 (Since March 18th)
Medina - Controller: lewiselder1 (Since April 6th)
Bianjie- Controller: menkiller755 aka Mr.God (Since April 9th)
Tropica- Controller: Elf (Since May 9th)
Xsampa- Controller: Yolo04 (Since May 22nd)

List of Open Third World Nations

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