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Global RP Commitee Register

Postby FPC » Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:53 pm

Hi everyone,

AS you know under the new rules which are due to be the RP team is replaced by a more regional based system, called the Continental RP Coordinators or CRCs.

Following are the rules governing CRCs:

Moderation appoint one player from each continent as a Continental RP Coordinator (CRC), this individual will help coach players and get players involved with RP across the continent and world. The CRC from each continent has the right to appoint a small group of players to assist them in their duties in any way the CRC sees fit, these players are referred to as RP Masters.

Each CRC should also choose one player as their deputy who will fill in for them if they become indisposed.

In order to be appointed as a CRC, Deputy CRC or RP master a player should have an active account in game and on the forums.

In general, Moderation will allow the CRC full discretion regarding appointments of Deputies and RP masters, however, moderation should be notified of any appointment and reserves the right to veto all appointments.

When working as a collective the CRC’s, Deputies and RP masters will be referred to as the Global Role Play Committee.

The RP Committee will often be consulted by Moderation regarding potential changes to RP rules and will occasionally be asked to review certain aspects of Role Play in contentious situations.

The RP committee welcomes feedback from players across the community, so don’t be afraid to offer them some friendly feedback.

Here is the list of the Current Global Role Play Committee Members:

Current Team (Term 06/06/18 ---> (Determinate)[/b]

CRC for Majatra: Sisyphys
Deputy CRC for Majatra: Aethan
RP Masters: Mr. God

CRC for Dovani: Luis
Deputy CRC for Dovani:
RP Masters:

CRC for Artania: CCP
Deputy CRC for Artania: Pragma (aka QV)
RP Masters: Corvo Attano

CRC for Macon and Keris: ColonelVesica
Deputy CRC for Macon and Keris:
RP Masters: -

CRC for Seleya: Chloe Price (aka thatfalloutfan101)
Deputy CRC for Seleya: Mr God
RP Masters: -

World Congress RP Co-Ordinator (WCRC): RedReaper

GRC Chair: Luis (Rotating Position)
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