(P1) A bug after elections in Yishelem?

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(P1) A bug after elections in Yishelem?

Postby Khaler » Sun Nov 22, 2009 4:41 pm

Suddenly our bailif for our head of state changed his name or something from Sir Willhuf von Raux to Sir Willhuf von Raux Albrecht Moore. HOS is hereditary and the last elected Hos was mr dot (.), but now Albrecht Moore has replaced the dot for some reason.

Head of State[?]: His Royal Majesty, King William IV of Yishelem, and his Royal Bailif Sir Willhuf von Raux Albrecht Moore

http://classic.particracy.net/viewnews.php?newsid=238243 (With Albrecht Moore)
http://classic.particracy.net/viewnews.php?newsid=237933&nation=51 (With Albrecht Moore)
http://classic.particracy.net/viewnews.php?newsid=237579&nation=51 (With Albrecht Moore)
http://classic.particracy.net/viewnews.php?newsid=236997&nation=51 (With the dot (.) and without Albrecht Moore)
http://classic.particracy.net/viewvariables.php?nationid=51 (Without the Albrecht Moore.)
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