Known or Common Issues

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Known or Common Issues

Postby jamescfm » Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:23 pm

Below is a list of issues with known solutions or which are commonly mistaken for bugs. Before reporting a bug, ensure it isn't already addressed here.

Elections Not Happening

Often the election process in Particracy is mistaken for a bug. On the month when an election is due or an early election is triggered, the game mechanics will say that the election is now due for the next month- this isn't a mistake. Within approximately forty five minutes, the game will simulate the election result and the 'next election' will update to reflect the date of the next scheduled elections.

Last Activity 'Not Recorded'

There is a known issue with some parties where the last activity (meaning the last time the party was online) is not recorded by the game. As a result, it is difficult to determine when to inactivate these parties. It isn't clear why this happens but it does not appear to affect the rest of the game for the party in question. While it is preferable for players to use parties without this bug, there are no rules against it and players won't be punished for doing so.
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