Double elections?

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Double elections?

Postby Cyril Washbrook » Sun Sep 27, 2009 7:42 am

I've noticed that in the nation where I have my party, there seems to be something odd going on with presidential elections. My party is the only one left - it seems that the rest became inactive when Particracy conked out a few weeks ago - so my candidate is guaranteed to win. In Week 1 January 2176, my candidate won the election uncontested, with 12,069,859 votes and 60.21% turnout. All fine, except that just a few months later, in Week 1 May 2176, another election was held for no apparent reason, and my candidate was re-elected... with 12,069,859 votes and 60.21% turnout.

Next election happened in Week 1 January 2180 (there are fixed terms with elections held in Week 1 January every four years): I'd got a different candidate for the election, who was duly elected... with 12,069,859 votes and 60.21% turnout. Then again, for no reason, another election was held in Week 1 May 2180. My candidate, predictably enough, won the vote uncontested... with 12,069,859 votes and 60.21% turnout.

Fishy things going on...
Cyril Washbrook
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